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Academic Events

Professor Yi Mu from University of Wollongong Gave a Talk in Our School

Professor Yi Mu gave a talk in Room #109 in Mingli Builiding of the school on Apr. 03, 2018. The title of his talk is “Broadcast Encryption with Dynamic Receiver Control”. The talk was hosted by Professor Futai Zhang.

In this talk, Professor Mu mainly talks about broadcast encryption. Broadcast encryption has many useful application scenarios. However, there is a significant issue in broadcast encryption, which is the revocation of ciphertext receivers.

A traditional solution is to remove the user's ID or public key from the receiver list, then transmit the broadcast with new receiver list, so that the revocable users cannot use their own private keys to decrypt the ciphertext. Furthermore, Prof. Mu introduced a different solution to the revocation issue. They use a special controller to prevent illegal receivers from decrypting ciphertext. Based on the controller, he also discussed several special revocation cases. Their works have initiated a novel solution to access control.

After the talk, Prof. Mu discussed with the audiences and answered their questions in details. In the discussion, they talked about quantum computation, quantum communication, the development and application of block chain, the application of searchable encryption, and other topics about cryptography. This talk provides much inspiration for the audiences.

Dr. Yi Mu, a Professor in University of Wollongong, His current research interest includes cryptography, network security, access control, and computer security. He also previously worked in the areas of quantum cryptography, quantum computers, atomic computations, and quantum optics. Professor Mu is Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Applied Cryptography and serves as associate editor or guest editor for many international Journals. He has served in program committees for a number of international security conferences, including ACM CCS, ACM AisaCCS, ESORICS, ACISP, CANS, EuroPKI, ICICS, ICISC, ProvSec, ISPEC, etc. He is a senior member of the IEEE and a member of the IACR.mo_yi_2.png