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Academic Events

Stereoscopic Visual Content Analysis and Processing

Professor Gangshan Wu from Nanjing University gave a lecture on “Stereoscopic Visual Content Analysis and Processing”, invited by Information Security Engineering Research Center, at 109 of Mingli building, Xianlin Campus, at 3:30 pm on March 17, 2017. This report was chaired by Professor Genlin Ji, Dean of School of Computer Science and Technology. Some teachers and students of our college listened to the report.


In this report, Professor Wu talked about the study of stereovision. Professor Wu's lecture conducted from the of following five aspects, the introduction of stereovision, the team's research content, research progress, technical challenges and prospects. First of all, Professor Wu introduced three-dimensional vision technology needs, starting from the beginning of the 3D film. Then he stressed the importance of computer vision technology in the field of computer intelligence. Professor Wu divided the stereovision into 5 kinds, namely binocular, RGBD, light field, multiview, holographic and so on. A brief introduction was given for us through the practical application of these technologies in real life. Professor Wu's research focused on binocular vision technology. Binocular stereovision technology has the following advantages, passive perception, two channels, realistic experience and others. The research of binocular vision technology includes six contents, depth perception, object analysis, significant recommendation, segmentation, recognition and retrieval and synthesis show. Professor Wu introduced for each part in detail and the method briefly.


After the report, Professor Wu communicated with present teachers and students fervently. He answered the question of the audience in detail patiently. This report enables the audience to have a certain understanding of stereovision technology. The report also expanded our vision, providing teachers and students many ideas to study the enlightenment, which enriched us indeed.

                                                                                                                                               (Interpreter: Wenjuan Jia)