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Academic Events

The School Organizes Faculties and Students to Attend the Jiangsu Computer Conference

In order to promote academic abilities and develop innovative research, Dean Genlin Ji, Vice Deans Junsheng Zhou, Bo Chen and Yanhui Gu led more than 20 professors, young lecturers and a number of undergraduates and graduate students to participate in the 2020 The 9th Jiangsu Computer Conference.


At the opening ceremony of the conference, the Jiangsu Computer Society commended a group of institutes and individuals. Our school was awarded with the Outstanding Contribution Institute Membership in 2019. Prof. Genlin Ji won the 2019 Jiangsu Computer Society Science and Technology Service Contribution Award, and Professor Ming Yang won the 2019 Jiangsu Computer Society Advanced Individual Award, besides, Dr. Weishi Shao won the 2019 JSCS Excellent Doctoral Thesis.


A number of technical forums were held in the conference. Prof. Guoqiang Zhang from our school gave a talk entitled "Cultivation of Structural Thinking in Operating System Course Teaching" at the Industrial Software Development Forum and the 2020 Computer Software Special Committee Academic Annual Meeting. And, associate Prof. Wanqi Yang gave a talk entitled "A Preliminary Study on Multi-modal Learning under Resource-constrained Conditions" at the 4th Jiangsu Youth Computer Elite Forum.


In the strong academic atmosphere of the conference, the teachers and students expanded their academic horizons. At the same time, the conference enhanced peer communication and promoted computer education and teaching reform and talent training! (Translated by Siru Chen in DTVIS Research Group)