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Gang Qian Professor

Academic Area: 
Information managerment and decision support system
Research Interests: 
  • System of Management Information
  • Decision Supporting
  • Information Quality Planning

Educational Background:

Visiting Scholar, University of California-Riverside (2011-2012)

PhD,Management Science and Engineering, Southeast University(2002)

MA, System Engineering,Southeast University(1995)


Research Projects:

    Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Plan Production,Based on the encryption of the SD card mobile payment security middleware development,(BY2011108),2011-2013.

    Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Support Plan,County Sanxin Technology Community Building Demonstration, (BE2011741),2011-2013.

    Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Plan(Soft science ),The Effect of International Financial Crisis on Hu-ning Line Information Industry Belt and Countermeasures Research,(BR2009036),2009-2010

National high-tech industrial development project plan ,Based on the Storage Interface of the Extended Mobile Encryption Card Industrialization Project,2008-2011.

High technology research and development program in jiangsu province,Project Management System Research and Development,2007-2010

Journal Articles:

    Qian Gang&Wang Hai &Feng Xiangqian(2013)Generalized hesitant fuzzy sets and their application in decision support system. Knowledge-Based Systems, 37: 357–365.

    Qian Gang&He Hongjin&Han Deren(2013),“A progressive equilibration algorithm for general market equilibrium problems under constraints”, Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research,vol.30,(3). 1-18

    Qian Gang&Han Deren&Xu Lingling&Yang Hai(2013) “Solving non-additive traffic assignment problems: A se lf-adaptive projection-auxiliary problem method for variationalinequalities”, Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization,9(1),255-274

    Qian Gang&Han Deren&He Hongjin(2010)“Congestion control with pricing in the absence of demand and cost functions: An improved trial and error method”, Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization,No.6 103-121

    Qian Gang&Jin L(2015),Some properties methods for Ordered Weighted Averaging operators, Fuzzy Sets Syst,vol.261, 60–86

    Qian Gang&Jin L(2015), On obtaining Piled OWA operators, International Journal of Intelligent  System,vol.30,No.5,20–536.

    Qian Gang&Wang Hai & Feng Xiangqian(2013), Predicting consumer sentiments using online sequential extreme learning machine and intuitionistic fuzzy sets. Neural Computing and Applications , vol.22,479-489.

    Qian Gang&Li Kang(2013),APPLICATION RESEARCH OF MULTI-AGENT MODELING AND SIMULATION METHOD IN STAFF MORALE ASSESSMENT”, Operation Research and Decision Making Models, vol.17,No.3, 20–26

    Qian Gang&Wang  H&Feng XQ (2012)“INTUITIONISTIC FUZZY REASONING FOR MULTIPLE TWO-CLASS CLASSIFIERS FUSION”, International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence,vol.26,No.7,1-21

    Qian Gang&Hai Wang&Xiangqian Feng(2011).An intuitionistic fuzzy AHP based on synthesis of eigenvectors and its application. Information Technology Journal, vol.10,No.10, 1850-1866

    Qian Gang&ZhiliGe& Deren Han(2011) .“Global convergence of an inexact operator split ting method for monotone variational inequalities”, Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization,No.7, 1013-1026

    Qian Gang&L. Jin(2015).Fuzzy Orness Measure And New Orness Axioms, Kybernetika ,vol.51,  712–723


    Qian Gang&Wan Jun&Bai Xiansong(2013). Management of manufacturing new product development project under the service innovation,Science Press.

    Qian Gang&Huang Huiliang(2011).Logistics Information Management.Chinese Media Press.

    Qian Gang&TaoZheng(2007).Regional Information Industry Development Rule and Model Research,Science Press.

    Qian Gang(2004).Information System Security Management,Southeast University Press.


    Qian Gang&Wang Hai&Shen Lingling(2012).Uncertainty Reasoning Based on Text Hierarchical Classification Method (ZL201010562470.9)

    Qian Gang&Wang  Yanjun&Shen Lingling(2012).A web page text without blocking hierarchical classification method (ZL201010605831.3)

    Qian Gang&Wang Hai&Shen  Lingling(2014).Based on Integrated Learning of Chinese Comment Text Emotion Classification Method. (ZL201210245263.x)

    Qian Gang&Chen Yi(2015).Data classification method based on intuitionistic fuzzy integration with the system (ZL 201110301869.6)

Academic Title:

Director of Intelligent Information Technology and Software Engineering Laboratory, Jiangsu Province


+86 25 83205755