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Huaigang Wu Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Network Infrastructure Analysis; Big Data Application; Networking Security
Research Interests: 
  • Design and analysis of large networks infrastructure
  • Network information security
  • the complexity Study of system management
  • Cloud computing, Big data analysis and application

Educational Background:

PhD, Management & Engineering, Nanjing University (2012)

Visiting Scholar, Macquarie University, Australia (1999-2000)

ME, Automatic control theory & its application, Southeast University (1988)




Research Projects:

 National 211 sub-project during the period of "the Tenth Five-Year Plan": development of hand-held terminal for Fingerprint IC card.. 2003-2005.

 A project from Jiangsu Science and technology department: Study on measures and effect of international financial crisis on Hu-Ning line information technology industry (2009119SBR0121). (3/6).

 Fluctuation of power distribution wireless remote supervisory system. The third prize in Jiangsu scientific and technological electric power achievements in 2006. A registration of scientific and technological power attainments (412 in all) in the fifth batch of publicity in 2006. NO.2006-0292(5/9). 2006.

 The new power product identified by Jiangsu Economic and Trade Commission, 20KV switchgear cabinet. 2010.10.

 Crossing project: Cooperative education program between Nanjing Normal University and the government of Guan-yun county. Contract amount: 6,300,000¥. 2013.11(Coordinator in charge).

 Lianyungang Electric Power Company online monitoring and measuring equipment for 220V direct current storage battery. 196,000¥. 2013.6.

 Weak electrical system intelligent design and consulting. 100,000¥. 2016.3.


Journal Articles:

Parts of published papers

 Wu Huaigang. Strategy and study on the complexity of mechanism of operation and management for smart grid. Modern Economic Research. 2013.4. CSSCI.

 Wu Huaigang. Study on dynamic measurement methods of eliminating noise interference. Acta metrologica sinica, 2011.9. Secondary respected journal.

 Wu Huaigang. Methods of solving multiple attribute group decision-making problems based on intuitionistic fuzzy operators. Statistics and Decision. 2010.3-5. CSSCI.

 Participants in compiling software engineering methods and practice published by China Machine Press. 2009.5.

 Sun Xiaoke, Wu Huaigang. Informationalization, Traditional-Industrialization, New-pattern Industrialization: Intension & Interconnection [J]. Management Science Research. No.5. 2004.

 Sun Xiaoke, Wu Huaigang. Revolution and Consciousness of enterprise culture in the new century. Science and Management of S. & T..

Wu Huaigang. “Study on the Design of Intelligent Control Algorithms for the Coordinated System of a Unit Generator” Proceedings of International Joint Power Generator Conference, P131-135, 1992.

 Li Linzhang, Wu Huaigang, Qian Weiming. “Design & Application of Microcomputer System of GKS-8701 DAS for a Unit Generator” Presented at 1991 International Joint Power Generator Conference, San Diego, CA, USA, 1991.

 Wu Huaigang. PID self-turning control algorithm. Computing Technology and Automation. Vol.9, NO.3. 1990

Wu Huaigang. Intelligent controller. Instrumentation & Automation. NO.6.1989.



Wu huaigang (3rdcoming) .Software engineering methods and practice China Machine Press. 2009.5.




PMI Intelligent Meter reading for electric power system and teaching experiment platform. National invention patent (Ranking 1st). No: CN103268697A. 2013.


Software copyright

Concentrator software platform in Intelligent Meter reading for distributed electric power system.  (Ranking 1st),2013.

Charging system in intelligent Meter reading for distributed electric power system (human-computer interface for upper computers).  (Ranking 1st) ,2013.

Collectors in Intelligent Meter reading for distributed electric power system.  (Ranking 1st). The application,2013.


Academic & Professional Title:

Associate Professor of Computer Science & Technology

Vice Director, Lab for Intelligent Information Processing & software Engineering of Jiangsu Province

Senior engineer, Jiangsu Electric Power Company,

Senior Member of Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering

Premium member of Engineers Australia.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

Cisco Certified Network Professionals (CCNP)