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Qian Gao Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Computer Networks
Research Interests: 
  • Network Architecture
  • Information Centric Networking
  • SoftWare Defined Networks
  • Social Networks

Educational Background:

Visiting Scholar, University of Umass Lowell (2014-2015)

PhD, Application of Computer, Southeast University(2001-2005)

MA, Application of Computer, Northeast China Institute of  Power Engineering (1996-1999)




Research Projects:


 Jiangsu Provincial  Key Laboratory  of  Network & Information Security , Research  on secure rouing protocols in mobile Ad Hoc network.  (2010-2012)

Natural Science Foundation of the JiangSu Higher Education Institutions of China, Research  on  QoS  rouing  protocol and  algorithm in wireless mobile Ad hoc networks. 2008-2010

Start  Foundation  of Nanjing Normal University, Research  on QoS multicast protocols in DiffServ networks(2005-2008)


Journal Articles:


Qian Gao,Yong Li, Junzhou Luo, A new Multicast routing protocol with QoS constraints, Chinese Journal of Computers,2003, 26(11):1441-1449.(EI)

Qian Gao,Junzhou Luo ,A Tabu-search-based fast QoS multicast routing optimal algorithm, Journal of Software,2004,15(12):1877-1884. (EI、SCI)

Qian Gao,Junzhou Luo, Scalable methodology for CIM information modeling system based on Petri net,journal of Southeast university(natural science edition) 2004, 34(2): 184-188. (EI)

Qian Gao,Junzhou Luo, Study and Comparison of QoS Admission Control Algorithms.Journal of computer applications .2004, 31(8): 29-31

Qian Gao,Junzhou Luo, IP multicast in DiffServ network: Problems and solutions, Computer Research and Development, 2005,42(5):823-629. (EI)

Qian Gao,An integrated approach for DiffServ multicasting, Proceedings of International Symposium on Computer Science and Computational Technology, ISCSCT 2008, 343-347.( EI)

Qian Gao, A new multicast routing protocol for DiffServ domains , Journal of computer applications, 2009,29(2):507-510

Qian Gao,Research on QoS Routing Protocols inW irelessMobile Ad hoc Networks, Journal of  Nanjing normal university( engineering and technology edition) 2009,9(3):64-69

Qian Gao,Quality of Service Multicast Model Based on DiffServ Networks, Computer Engineering,2009,35(17):104-109

Qian Gao, An improved on-demand QoS-based routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks,International Conference on Wireless Networks and Information Systems,2009, 175-178. (EI)

Qian Gao, Multi-bounded QoS routing protocol and performance analysis for mobile Ad Hoc network, Journal of computer applications, 2010,30(9): 2477-2480


Academic Title:

Associate Professor of Application of Computer