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Xiaojun Qian Professor

Academic Area: 
Database,Internet of Things
Research Interests: 
  • Database
  • Internet of Things

Educational Background:

MA,  physical electronics,  Nanjing University of Science & Technology(2002)




Research Projects:


National high and new technology project ,The intelligent digital management system based on GIS,by  Ministry of Science and Technology P. R. China (2016-2017)

Jiangsu Provincial science and technology support program ,Grid intelligent community management project based on GIS,by Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province(2015-2017)

Jiangsu Provincial Prospective joint research project  ,Smart town system based on GIS ,by Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province(2014-2016)

Jiangsu Provincial Prospective joint research project  ,Multi platform community integrated information management system based on Web ,by Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province(2013-2015)

Jiangsu Provincial Natural science research project of University ,Research on the intelligent analysis technology of human cell morphology, by Education Department of Jiangsu Province(2008-2010)

undertake Social development project over 30  projects , the total amount is  over 10 million yuan, Good social and economic benefits are obtained.


Journal Articles:

Qian XiaoJun, Fan Dongping, Ji Genglin(2016),difference between the internet of things in the database failure data rapid excavation simulation, Computer Simulation,1006-9348(2016)01-0301-04

Qian XiaoJun, Fan Dongping, GIS technology and the application of the Internet of things in the construction of the emergency platform of city ,Modern electronic technology 1004-373X(2015)69-71

Qian XiaoJun, Fan Dongping, Ji Genglin(2015) ,Research on IOT Intelligent Gateway Service Mechanism and System Implementation, International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science and Technology,14738031(2015)February 2015  11.1-11.7

Qian XiaoJun, Fan Dongping(2013),The Vehicle Positioning System Based on the ZigBee Technology of Wireless Sensor Networks ,Journal of Convergence Information Technology JCIT ,1975-9320(2013)Volume 8,number 7,Apr 15,2013

Qian XiaoJun(2012),Security-enhanced Search Engine Design in Internet of Things ,JOURNAL OF UNIVERSAL COMPUTER SCIENCE ,(2012)18,9,1218-1235

Qian XiaoJun,Ji Genglin(2012),An improved binary anti collision algorithm for Internet of things ,computer science(2012)39,9,24-27

Qian XiaoJun(2011),Improved adaptive Internet of things technology, energy saving, optimal control and simulation,Microellectronics& Computer (2011)28,9,143-147

Qian XiaoJun(2010),Application of particle swarm algorithm in 2D Otsu image segmentation ,computer simulation(2010)27,12,279-281


Qian XiaoJun(2008),C#Practical course . Beijing: Electronic Industry Publishing House

Qian XiaoJun(2011),through  the Two Grade of C language  . Beijing: Electronic Industry Publishing House



+86 13905194176