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Yinxia Sun Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
cryptography and its application
Research Interests: 
  • Public Key Encryption
  • Digital Signature
  • Cloud Security

Educational Background:



-Xidian University, Xi'an,China (2005-2008)


-Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing,China (1999-2003)

-Major: Mathematics

-Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, China




Research Projects:

[1] Revocable identity-based encryption and its application in group data sharing in cloud computing, Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation, 2013.07-2016.06

[2] Certificateless-encryption-based data privacy and access control in cloud storage.National Natural Science Foundation.2016.01-2018.12


Journal Articles:

[1] Sun Yinxia, Li Hui, Short-ciphertext and BDH-based CCA2 secure certificateless encryption, Science China Information Science, 53(10), pp 2005-2015, 2010.

[2] Sun Yinxia, Li Hui, Efficient signcryption between TPKC and IDPKC and its multi-receiver construction, Science China Information Science, 53(3), pp 557-566, 2010.

[3] Sun Yinxia, Li Hui, Li Xiaoqing, multi-receiver signcryption key encapsulation in certificateless setting, Journal of Electronics& Information Technology, 32(9), pp 2249-2252, 2010.

[4] Sun Yinxia, Zhang Fu-tai, Secure certificateless encryption with short ciphertext, Chinese Journal of Electronics, 19(2), pp 313-318, 2010.

[5] Sun Yinxia, Li Hui, Identity based signcryption KEM to multiple recipients, Chinese Journal of Electronics, 20(2), pp 317-322, 2011.

[6] Sun Yinxia, Li Hui, Efficient certificateless hybrid signcryption,journal of software,22(7),pp 1690-1698,2010

[7] Limin Shen, Futai Zhang, Yinxia Sun. Efficient Revocable Certificateless Encryption Secure in the Standard Model. The Computer Journal, 57(4) , pp 592-601, 2014.

[8] Yinxia Sun, Futai Zhang, Limin Shen, Robert H. Deng, An efficient revocable certificateless encryption scheme against decryption key exposure, IET information security, 9(3), pp. 158-166, 2015.


Conference Articles:

[1] Sun Yinxia, Zhang Futai, Baek Joonsang, Strongly secure certificateless public key encryption without pairing, In CANS 2007, LNCS 4856, pp 194-208, 2007.

[2] Limin Shen, Futai Zhang, Yinxia Sun, Sujuan Li, Cryptanalysis of a certificateless encryption scheme in the standard model, InCos-2012, pp 329-333, 2012.

[3] Sujuan Li, Futai Zhang, Yinxia Sun, Limin Shen, A new variant of the Cramer-Shoup leakage-resilient public key encryption. InCos-2012, pp 342-346, 2012.

[4] Yinxia Sun, Futai Zhang, Limin Shen, Revocable identity-based signature without pairing, InCoS-2013, pp. 363-365, 2013.



[1] Li Hui, Sun Yinxia, Zhu Hui, Authenticated encryption between certificate public key system and identity-based public key system, China, 2011, ZL200910023167.9


Honors and Awards:

Outstanding member of CACR in 2015

Outstanding young teachers of NNU Cyan Engineering



+86 13505155017