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Yong Hu Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
High-performance computing
Research Interests: 
  • Computer algorithm design and analysis
  • Collaborative Computing

Educational Background

· PhD, Cartography and Geographic Information Science(GIS), Nanjing Normal University(2016)

· MA, Computational Mathematics, Nanjing Normal University (2004)

· BA, Computer Education, Nanjing Normal University (1995)

Research Projects:

1. The unstructural tensor-based parallel computation model for massive geographical spatio-temporal data, Leader;

Type: National Nature Science Foundation of China

Period: from 2016.1-2019.12

2. Research of parallel spatial index based on multidimension-unified geometric algebra, Leader;

Type: Natural Science Foundation of Educational Committee of Jiangsu Province

Period: from 2013.8-2015.12

3. Geometric algebra-based spatial index for multidimension geographic computing, Leader;

Type: Natural Science Foundation of Educational Committee of Jiangsu Province

Period: from 2014.5-2015.5

Journal Articles:
1.Yong Hu, Wen Luo, et al. Geometric Algebra-based Modeling and Analysis for Multi-layer, Multi-temporal Geographic Data,Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras,March 2016,Volume 26, Issue 1, pp 151–168 (SCI) 
2.HU Yong, ZHAO Hangtao, LUO Wen ,et al. Geometric Algebra Based Similarity Measures and Edge Extraction for Color Image, Journal of Basic Science and Engineering, June 2016, Vol.24, No.3, pp. 640-648 (EI)
3.Hu Yong, Luo Wen, Yu Zhaoyuan, Feng Linyao. Multi-mode Tensor Expression Model of Multidimensional Spatio-temporal Field Data, July 2015, Vol.40 No.7, pp. 977-982 (EI)
4.Hu Yong, Zong Zhen, Luo Wen, Yuan Lin-wang. Geometrical Algebra Method for Multi-Objective Constrained Emergency Evacuation Routing Analysis, Geography and Geo-Information Science, Sept 2012, Vol.28 No.5, pp. 47-50
5.HU Yong, SUN Hui, LUO Wen, YUAN Lin-wang. Design and Realization of GA Based Multi-Dimension Integrated GIS Computing Engine, Geography and Geo-Information Science, Jan 2015, Vol.31 No.1, pp. 27-31,53
6.Hu Yong, An Ant Colony Algorithm Based on Dynamic Transition, Computer Engineering, Jan 2005, Vol.31 No.1, pp. 167-171 
7.Luo Wen, Hu Yong, et al. A Hierarchical Representation and Computation Scheme of Arbitrarydimensional Geometrical Primitives Based on CGA,Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras,Published online: 24 June 2016,(SCI)
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