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Big Data Mining and Its Application Team

Set up Time: 2013

Leader: Genlin Ji

Members: Yudong Zhang, Jiaquan Gao, Bin Zhao, Peiming Bao, Chao Tan, Shuihua Wang



The group of “Big Data Mining and Its Application” mainly concentrates the research of big data mining algorithm, technology and application. This study includes Correlation analysis, clustering analysis, classification, anomaly detection, etc. This group consists of 3 professors, 2 associate professors, and 2 lecturers. This group published more than 100 papers and 6 NSFC and province projects have been granted.


Research Content

Correlation analysis

clustering analysis


anomaly detection


Representative Achievements


[1]  Mitochondrial Dysfunction as a Neurobiological Subtype of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Evidence from Brain Imaging. JAMA Psychiatry. 2014, 71(6): 665-671 (IF: 12.008, ESI Highly Cited Papers)

[2] Binary PSO with Mutation Operator for Feature Selection using Decision Tree applied to Spam Detection . Knowledge-Based Systems. 2014, 64: 22-31 (IF: 2.947, ESI Highly Cited Papers)

[3]  Exponential Wavelet Iterative Shrinkage Thresholding Algorithm for Compressed Sensing Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Information Sciences. 2015, doi: 10.1016/j.ins.2015.06.017 (IF: 4.038)

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[6] Effect of Spider web plot in MR brain image classification. Pattern Recognition Letters. 2015, 62: 14-16 (IF: 1.551)

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