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Management Science and Engineering Team

Approval Year: 2011

Leader: Gang Qian

Members: Yi Chen, Xiangqian Feng, Huaigang Wu, Lingling Shen, Aiping Qiao


The group of “Management Science and Engineering” mainly concentrates the study to solve the management issues of social, economic, engineering and other aspects of a discipline based on the theory of system science, management science, mathematics, economics and behavioral science and engineering methods, combined with information technology. This study relates to management information systems, Operations research and decision making, project management, etc. This group consists of 1 professor, 3 associate professors, and 2 lecturers. In the recent 5 year, this group published more than 50 papers; more than 10 Invention patent and software copyright have been authorized; and more than 10 province departmental level topic items have been granted.


Research Content:

Management information systems

Decision making under uncertainty

Social network analysis

Statistics and data mining


Representative Achievements:

Fuzzy Sets & Systems, 2016,