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Academic Events

Academic Event| Establishment of “Research base on K-12 technology and Engineering Education” successfully hosted by School of Education science

On 23th Novemberthe Founding Conference of “Research base on K-12 technology and Engineering Education” was opened in Nanjing. Wang Zhan, the member of the National Advisory Council on Education, Tian Huisheng, Director of basic education Curriculum Textbook Development Center, Ministry of Education, Chen Guoxiang, the headmaster of Nanjing Normal University participate in the event. The activity was attended by representatives of universities such as Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Taiwan Normal University, Israel's ancient and Israeli universities, representatives of teaching and research teachers in 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of China, and outstanding teacher representatives from primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. The meeting was also attended by expert representatives from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Israel, Singapore, South Korea, Italy, Indonesia and other countries.


The establishment of this Research Base was based on from kindergarten to high school stage of education, technology and engineering interest cultivation, literacy training and personnel training of the global, in order to adapt to educational innovation to national innovation-driven Development strategy, to train a large number of high-tech innovative talent.


At the meeting, famous representatives, such as Professor Moshe Barak from Thrace University of Ancient Ann, Professor Liu Yuexia from basic education Curriculum Textbook Development Center, expressed their own ideas. This meeting also released research topics and the work planning in 2019.