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Academic Events

Academic Event|Class1703 of Primary Education Hold a Lecture on "Brief talk about Teacher’s professional Quality"

At 13:00 on February 27, 2018, class 1703 students from the School of Education Science in room 412, XueZheng building, had the privilege of listening to a lecture given by Prof. Wu Yongjun for the 17th grade primary education major, that is, with the theme of " Brief talk about Teacher’s Professional Quality " Professor Wu Yongjun took practical experience as a starting point, bringing a valuable knowledge to the students in the small class.

First, Prof. Wu proposed a document on the "Opinions on Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of the Teaching Staff in the New Age" issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on January 20, 2018, and pointed out further favorable news such as "Improving the System for Guaranteeing the Treatment of Teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools". Prof. Wu emphasized that we can only follow the trend of the times and seize opportunities by constantly improving our professionalism.

Then, Professor Wu gave a general direction on how to continuously improve the level of professionalism of teachers. He said that the importance of a knowledge base to teachers means that elementary school teachers need to learn more knowledge in various fields. At the same time, he also introduced the students in detail. "Six hundred projects", this will make the direction of the students' professionalism more clear.

Finally, Prof. Wu also mentioned the requirements and importance of the "pedagogy", "research capability" and "research implementation" for the level of teacher professionalism. In the same way, he also emphasizes that morality is the quality that teachers accumulate, and teachers should also pay attention to morality and ordinary.

After the lecture, some of the students raised questions about Prof. Wu. Prof. Wu gave detailed answers to the questions of the students and recommended several books on children's literature and education to the students. Class 1703 students praised this valuable lecture and expressed sincere gratitude to Prof. Wu Yongjun for his patient answers. The 1703 classmates said that in the future, they must redouble their efforts to improve their professionalism and make a contribution to the education industry.

(Translated by YAQING YANG)