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Academic Events

Academic Events| 2019 International Conference on Ideas and Actions for Educational Excellence

In order to promote educational explorations in theory and practice and build up a high-level international forum for academic exchanges, Nanjing Normal University held the Idea and Action for Educational Excellence --- An International Conference (IAEE) in 2018. Educational professionals and experts from countries and regions such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong delivered keynote speeches, more than 20 academic researchers throughout China shared their studies in parallel sessions, and around 100 researchers and practitioners were present in the 2018 conference.  

Themes for 2019 Conference and Parallel Sessions

To further promote international academic exchanges and dialogues, Nanjing Normal University is to hold the 2019 International Conference on the Idea and Action for Educational Excellence. This year, the theme of the conference will be ‘Evidence-based Educational Research and Reform: Global Experiences and Chinese Explorations’. Keynote speakers will be renowned professionals from the US, UK, Canada, Spain, New Zealand and Hong Kong (China), including Professor Robert Slavin from Johns Hopkins University. Educational researchers and practitioners throughtout China will attend the conference.   

The 2019 conference will be held in Nanjing Normal University. Apart from keynote speeches, the conference will be also organizing relevant parallel sessions and workshops for the discussion of evidence-based educational research in terms of theoretical advancement, methodological innovation and practical exploration. Key areas to be discussed include:

Forefronts of International Evidence-based Research. Renowned scholars and experts will be elaborating upon development, forefronts and practices of evidence-based educational researches implemented across the globe.

Methodological Development of Evidence-based Educational Research. The conference will be providing talks on the state-of-the-art methodology employed by evidence-based studies and research as well as their relevant difficulties and possible ways of innovation.

China’s Evidence-based Educational Research and Reform. The conference will be discussing China’s current implementation of evidence-based educational research ideas in its educational research and reform as well as the challenges it has afforded to shed lights on future research and practices.   

Evidence-based Educational Reform and Development. The conference will be a platform for discussion and exchanges on latest research outcomes on educational development and reforms throughout the world.

Evience-based School Improvement. The conference will be also inviting first line educational administrators, principals, and teachers to discuss how schools can be improved in an evidence-based approach.


Time and Venue

Registration: Oct 21, 2019;

Conference: Oct 22-23, 2019.

Venue: Suiyuan Campus of Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, China.

Road 122, Ninghai Road, Gulou District, Nanjing, P. R. China

(Detailed locations for the conference, parallel sessions and workshops will be notified later)


Call for Submissions

Submissions of papers must arrive by September 10, 2019. Submissions ought to be in either Chinese or English, and ought to be thematically closely connected to the conference theme. No word limit is required. The APA format for referencing should be adopted.  

The Organizing Committee will be organizing an expert committee for the review of submissions. Invitations will be sent to accepted submission authors for presenting in parallel sessions.

The Organizing Committee will be also inviting those in charge of Chinese and English academic journals to participate in the review of papers. High-quality submissions are likely to be accepted and published in relevant academic journals.  

Submissions should be sent to email at:


Other Issues

Standard Registration Fee: 800 RMB/person

Registration Fee for Students: 400 RMB/person

(not covering transportation or accommodation)


If you want to attend the conference, please fill in the blank (Appendix 1) and send it to:


Contact for the conference:


School of Education, Nanjing Normal University

July 10, 2019



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Note for Participation





Administrative Title/Academic Title/Postgraduate Students (Phd or Master)




Other Requests