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Academic Events

Academic Event|The Forum of 2018 World Overseas Chinese Education held successfully in Nanjing

December 1st-2nd, the "2018 World Overseas Chinese Education Nanjing Forum”, launched by scholars from Nanjing Normal University, the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of Education, Taiwan Normal University, hosted by Nanjing Normal University, was held successfully by the Faculty of School of Education Science in NNU. More than 200 guests and representatives from more than 20 countries, regions, international organizations and Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University and other universities from the world's five continents participated in the forum.

On the morning of December 1st, Professor Gu Jianjun, Dean of the Faculty of School of Education Science, presided the opening ceremony and expressed sincere welcome to all the guests and representatives. Then following the report “40 years of educational development during China’s reform and opening up” made by Gu Mingyuan, several scholars made some related speeches.

On the afternoon, the forum held according to the following three themes:

Theme 1:The Global Situation of Overseas Chinese Education

Theme 2: Tradition, Culture and Overseas Chinese Education

Theme3: Globalization, Localization and the Reform of Overseas Chinese Education

On December 2nd, there are two main activities. The first is about 100 years Special Memorial of Education Department of Nanjing Normal University. In this activity, the representatives have looked back on the history of the development of Education Department in NNU, and forward to the future of it’s progress. The second part of the morning event was "in-depth dialogue", the theme of which was "the future trend of Chinese education in the global Era", hosted by Ding Gang, a tenured professor in East China Normal University. On the closing ceremony of the forum, Professor Hu Jianhua summed up the forum discussion, restated the theme of the forum, explained the background of the forum, and expressed his congratulations, blessings, and gratitude to the whole guests on behalf of NNU.