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Academic Events

Academic Event|“Twenty Years' Review of Primary School Teacher Education at Bachelor's Level in China: Prospects and the Symposium on the Core Literacy of Outstanding Teachers in Primary Schools” was successfully held in our school

On October 27th, 2017, the “Twenty Years' Review of Primary School Teacher Education at Bachelor's Level in China: Prospects and the Symposium on the Core Literacy of Outstanding Teachers in Primary Schools” contracted by the Department of Primary Education, School of Education Science, Nanjing Normal University was successfully held at the Suiyuan Campus. 

In 1998, Nanjing Normal University, Capital Normal University, Shanghai Normal University, Hangzhou Normal University and other normal colleges and universities recruited for the first time four-year undergraduate primary school education students, opened the primary school educator capital scientific education. In the past two decades, the primary school education major of our school has been recognized by the national characteristics specialty and the outstanding teacher training program in Jiangsu Province, China. It has always been in a leading position in professional construction and talent cultivation, and has provided education for primary and secondary teachers in our province and even the entire country. It has a distinctive training model for general research. The meeting aims to review and reflect on the course of undergraduate education for primary school teachers in China, and to explore new ways and trends in cultivating core qualities of outstanding teachers in contemporary primary schools.

The meeting specially invited experts, colleagues and some undergraduates of the Capital Normal University, the Shanghai Normal University College of Education and the Hangzhou Normal University College of Education to take this initiative. The seminar was chaired by Prof. Xuejun Chen, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Fu Kangsheng, Vice President, Professor Gu Jianjun, President of the Academy of Education, Professor Wang Zhiqiu, President of the National Primary School Teacher Education Subcommittee, Dean of the First Normal University, and the Education College of Hangzhou Normal University. Prof. Tong Fuyong, the dean, and Professor Ding Wei, the dean of the Shanghai Normal University College of Education, and nearly 150 professional teachers and undergraduates from four institutions attended the conference. At the opening ceremony, Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Fu Kangsheng first represented the school to congratulate the organization of the seminar. He reviewed the development history of primary education in our school for the past 20 years and expressed the expectation for the future. The four normal universities and colleges should continue to cooperate closely, exchange ideas and complement each other, and make joint efforts to promote the development of primary school teachers in China. Push to a new level! Later, Professor Zhichi Wang and Professor Gu Jianjun also delivered speeches .

The forum focused on the connotation of the core qualities of modern outstanding primary school teachers, the construction and training methods of specialized courses, and other issues. The Forum specially invited Professor Xiang Xianming from Nanjing Normal University to make a report on the topic 2030: What kind of teacher do we need? The four levels of teachers’ modernization”.The report modernizes the teacher’s ideas, culture, and personalities. Equal angles made a profound discussion, arousing strong responses from teachers and students and conceptual consensus. Associate Professor Li Yuhua, School of Elementary Education, Capital Normal University, published a special report titled "Psychology Curriculum Group Building Based on the Cultivation of Primary School Teachers' Core Accomplishments". Vice-President Ding Wei of the Education Department of the Normal University of China published the title "Competence-based Primary Teachers' Training The special report, Professor Tong Fuyong, Dean of the College of Education of Hangzhou Normal University, published a special report titled "Exploration of the Training of Excellent General Teachers under the Leadership of the Zhe School's Famous Teachers," Professor Yi Xiaoming, Director of the Southern Teacher's Department of Primary and Secondary Education. The special report titled "Reflections on the Connotation and Training Path of Research-type General Teachers". From their different perspectives, their reports provide highly detailed, in-depth and breadth explanations and presentations on theoretical and practical issues such as general research-oriented outstanding primary school teachers, primary school teacher education curriculum reforms, primary school teacher key competence training models, and training styles. Participants generally felt that they not only broadened their thinking but also were inspired.

In the afternoon, the conference specially set up undergraduate forums for the four universities. Eight undergraduate students from the four universities presented their research papers and studies respectively on the construction, cultivation, improvement, and international comparison of primary school teachers' core qualities. Experience. The experts and teachers of the four normal universities made wonderful comments, which benefited the undergraduate students attending the conference. The conference has an undergraduate forum and invites undergraduate students from four elementary school education majors to exchange papers. It also truly embodies the principle of “taking students as the foundation, providing long-term development for students, and cultivating high-quality, outstanding primary schools. Teacher's basic educational position. The significance of this seminar is to establish a multi-party cooperation and collaborative innovation training mechanism, theoretically maintain a foresight academic vision in this field, continue to drive innovation in practice, and explore new-type teacher education paths. From the content to the form, this conference has been highly recognized and appreciated by other college counterparts, and they all expressed that they would continue to organize such a unique and practical event.

(Reported by: ZHU XI, SHI YANAN
Translated by: YAQING YANG)