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Academic Events

Academic lecture: A Series of Lectures from Prof. Hirotoshi Yamasaki from Hiroshima University

SpeakerProf. Hirotoshi Yamasaki

Theme:      Three Speeches about the Dilemma in front of Sociology of Higher Education and Sociology of Science.

Interpreter: Prof. Xiaoxing He (From Nanjing University)

The Host:   Prof. Kangning Wu

                  Prof. Tianjun Cheng

                  Prof. Yue Yang

Time:        14:00, Sep 20th, 2017 (Wednesday)

                 8:30, Sep 21st, 2017 (Thursday)

                 8:30, Sep 22nd, 2017 (Friday)

Venue:  Room 404, South Tin Ka Ping Building, Suiyuan Campus

Brief Introduction of the Lecturer:

Prof. Hirotoshi Yamasaki is a professor of Education Lecture of Education College from Hiroshima University who is very famous in the field of sociology of education in Japan. His main interests are the sociology of education and higher education.