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Academic News| The International Conference ‘Ideas and Actions for Educational Excellence’ Successfully Hosted by School of Education science

On the morning of 22 September, the international symposium on the theme of " Ideas and Actions for Educational Excellence " was opened. Lixin Tian, Vice President, Gaoliping, Director of international Exchange Office, nearly 200 faculty members and students attended the meeting. The conference lasted for2 days. In particular, the Conference invited internationally renowned scholars to demonstrate ideas and actions to pursue educational excellence, sharing the research results and practical experience from all over the world.


Professor Allan Walker, Dean of the School of Education and Human development of the Hong Kong University of Education , had analyzed the leading models of education in five East Asian countries and regions in Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Taiwan, and had made a comprehensive analysis of the different cultures.


Professor John Loughran, Monash University in Australia, reported on the topic "Understanding the work of expert teachers". He pointed out that expert teachers payed attention to the student's independent development and the growth, constructed the teaching pattern through the study essence, thus supported the student's high quality study.


Professor Qing Gu,  the University of Nottingham, UK, discussed a series of measures by school leaders in shaping school culture and arranging school work, as well as a positive impact on student groups from different backgrounds.


Professor Robert Tierney, University of British Columbia, Canada, provided a keynote speech on "Envisioning and achieving a new paradigm for the future of education in China". It suggested that China's education in the future would turn to globalization


Professor Megan Laverty, Columbia University, had focused on the significance of value education from a philosophical point of view. She argued that value education was aprocess by which people give value to others, by helping others pass on their values and assessing their long-term effectiveness.


Professor Naigui Lu,  Beijing Normal University and Senior Researcher Fellow, argued that the construction of a truly excellent education system cannot rely solely on good exam results. He proposed a new dimension of school education in China.


Li Zhang, director of the Education Development Research Center of the Ministry of Education, Xinping Zhang, professor of School of  education science, had made a detailed analysis and explanation on the status of education popularization, key features and future trends from policy perspective and development context.


In addition to several thematic reports, four subsessions were conducted on the theme of "Excellence in teacher training and teacher professional development", "ideas and actions for excellence in education leadership and management", "ideas and actions for excellence in teaching and learning", and "ideas and actions for technical support for excellence in education", with a series of oral presentations, brought out a lively discussion.