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Academic Report | Asian Education Leaders Forum "On-line Education: Experiences and Prospects" Online Conference Newsletter

On July 4, 2020, the Asian Education Leaders Forum "Online Education: Experience and Prospects" hosted by Tohoku University in Japan was held in the form of an online conference. 11 AEL course participants and 10 faculty members from five universities including Tohoku University, Korea University, Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan Political University, and Nanjing Normal University participated in the forum.


This forum was presided over by Professor Liu Jing from Graduate School of Education of Tohoku University. Professor Tomohiro of Tohoku University delivered an opening speech. He hoped that this forum would become an opportunity to exchange information on how each university is confronting the COVID-19 epidemic, and also hope that the discussion could solve the problem of how to continue the AEL course in the context of the epidemic.


First, students shared their online learning experience and thoughts. Baorong Niu and Jiao Xu, graduate students of the School of Education Science of Nanjing Normal University, gave a speech on the theme of ‘The Development of Online Education in Chinese Higher Education under the COVID-19 Epidemic’. Then faculty members exchanged their experiences in implementing online teaching and insights about online education. Associate Professor Xuefeng Qiao from the School of Education Science gave a speech on " To What Extend Could On-line Education Replace On-campus Education’, analyzing the advantages and limitations of online education from the perspective of how to replace school education with online education..And lecturer Hongyang Zhu from the School of Education Science gave a speech on ‘The Missing Links: Critical Thinking on Online Teaching and Learning’, discussing the communication problems in online education and the lack of educational value outside the teaching-learning process.