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Academic Events

Academic Report: Associate Professor Wu Jinting from the State University of New York Coming for Academic Exchange

On June 20, 2017morning, on invitation of Education Sociology Research Center of Nanjing Normal University, an associate professor from the State University of New York( Buffalo )Wu Jinting conducted an academic report at room 702,South Tin Ka Ping Building titled "Game with the State and Market:the Rural Teachers in the Cracks". The report was presided over Prof. Cheng Tianjun,director of the Education Sociology Research Center of Nanjing Normal University.Over 30 people including professor Wu Kangning, Gao Shuihong, Yang Yue and Qi Xuehong as well as graduate students from Education Science School attended the salon. Wu Jinting obtained her master degree from Boston University, Phd from University of Wisconsin. She is a postdoctoral of Luxembourg University and a visiting scholar at Hong Kong University. She works as an associate professor at the State University of New York (Buffalo) Education Leadership and Policy Department, mainly engaged in research of the education sociology, anthropology of education, education policy and international comparison of education.

At the beginning of the lecture, on behalf of the Education Sociology Research Center of Nanjing Normal University,professor Cheng Tianjun welcomed the Dr. Wu Jinting and introduced her to the basic situation and the development of Education Sociology Research Center of Nanjing Normal University in recent years. Starting from the origin and problem awareness of academic research, Dr.Wu Jinting expressed her idea at this lecture that in the multicultural and"Not three feet of flatland, not three days without rain and not a family with three grams of silver" area of southeastern Guizhou province, national education policy, development policy, rural tourism, rural labor migration and the "check" culture with Chinese characteristics all contributed to the parents’ interpretation of the countryside education and educational expectations. Through research, she found that the rural education was an extension of rural daily lives,which also reflected the country's interpretation on national education; the daily life of rural teachers were full of "acting" with opportunism,which seemed passive but was not lacking of initiatives. In a sense, acting was a game of teachers against national policies; teachers' participation in tourism activities were active participation in the market strategy and individual activities to find a way out; the dual activities of the play and the search for subjectivity reflected the "flexibility" of the rural teachers.

After the report, the teachers and the students had a heated discussion with Dr. Wu.The heated discussion and exchange aroused the curiosity and more questions of the students.

In the end, professor Cheng Tianjun concluded that in the half-an-hour presentation of the material and the one-and-a-half-hour seminar,Dr. Wu Jinting showed her academic talent, spirit and confidence. Through this discussion, we learned to make ethnography better and write ethnography better. Also, we learned to understand things like the performance and flexibility, the specialty of southeastern Guizhou province and the general of China,the Chinese theory and western theory, field observation and theoretical correction as well as academic value neutrality etc. Once again, Prof. Cheng Tianjun expressed his gratitude to Dr. Wu for her excellent report and invited her to come again.