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Academic Report | Distinguished professor from Taiwan Asia University shares her research experience on using artificial intelligence robots to enhance learners learning

Distinguished Professor Wen-chi Vivian Wu from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Taiwan Asia University shared her research experience on using artificial intelligence robots to enhance learners learning with faculty and students of the Department of Educational Technologies of Nanjing Normal University during the online lecture on May 15, 2020. She presented PowerPoint slides to audience using zoom application and the topic of her lecture was “Using AI Robots to Enhance Learner Learning.”


In her lecture, distinguished Professor Wen-chi Vivian Wu explained about current trend in artificial intelligence robots and robot-learning. She also gave several examples of robot-learning applications to English as Foreign Language (EFL) classroom in Japan, South Korea, Netherland and China. For example, she explained about Enkey robot from Korea, PEBBLES robot from Canada, Robovie from Japan and AI Robot Sophia from Hong Kong. After that, distinguished Professor Wen-chi Vivian Wu discussed various advantages of educational robots, educational robot intelligence and the role of robotics teaching. For example, the robot has a human or cartoon-like friendly appearance and so such robots look friendly and cute. This makes it easy to get close to robots and so robots can help remove the anxiety and pressure of learning English. After the speech, several questions were asked. Some students were curious about whether robot appearance may impact student cognitive processes and affection negatively or how can robots helps in other subject domain, like math or chemistry. Other students were concerned about learners being more focused on the interaction with robots instead of gaining knowledge itself or how to effectively use one robot in classroom with so many learners.


Distinguished Professor Wen-chi Vivian Wu is an experienced English as Foreign Language (EFL) instructor. She teaches EFL, research and educational technology related courses. Her recent research areas include CALL, MALL, flipped classrooms, cross-cultural communication, tele-collaboration, robotics learning, and learner motivation for English as a global language. She has published extensively on CALL and technology-related prestigious journals, including CALL, System, Computer in Human Behavior, and Educational Technology and Society. She is on the editorial board of CALL Journal (SSCI) and serves as an executive peer-reviewer of ETS Journal (SSCI). She is also a founding member of English Scholars Beyond Borders (ESBB) Association and has been a senior adviser of Asian EFL Journal (Scopus) and associate editor of Asian ESP Journal (Scopus) for many years.