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Academic Report | [Heqin Lecture Forum No.107] Cultural Inheritance of "Living Education"

On December 21, 2020, at 1:30 p.m., the pre-school education master's degree program, "Heqin Lecture Forum" 107 was held in the International Lecture Hall of Tian Nan Building, Suiyuan Campus. Cui Liling, principal of Nanjing Gulou Kindergarten, was invited to share an academic lecture with the theme of "Cultural Inheritance of 'Living Education'" for the master and doctoral students of preschool education. The lecture was hosted by Zheng Li, a teacher from the preschool education department of Nanjing Normal University. The participants included teachers, master and doctoral students from the preschool education department of Nanjing Normal University, as well as some preschool educators who were attracted by the reputation.



Cui Liling is now the director of the Institute of Living Education in Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Gulou the kindergarten, orthometric secondary preschool education steering committee, the state superintendent, the Ministry of Education experts, enjoy the State Council special allowance, preschool education institute, vice President of Jiangsu province, Jiangsu Chen Heqin institute vice director of education thought, adjunct professor of Nanjing normal university, Jiangsu people's educator training engineering expert, was awarded the national famous principal, a young and middle-aged expert with an outstanding contribution, Jiangsu province, Jiangsu province science and technology leader, special-class teacher of Jiangsu province, Nanjing based education experts and so on the title, He has won the first prize of National Basic Education Teaching Achievements and the first prize of National Children's Excellent Works.


Cui Liling director first emphasized the value of "living education" thought, explains Mr. Chen Heqin raises the "living education" concept is through reform and innovation and long-term education practice gradually formed and development of the theory of education, is the Chinese culture and foreign culture in the interactive "keep and creation", is the precious wealth of the preschool education in China. She introduced Mr. Chen Heqin's idea of "living education" from the cultural level, through the visual culture, system culture, spiritual culture, and other aspects of the progressive, discussed the significance of kindergarten "living education" culture. Principal Cui believes that "living education" is a positive culture. To better build kindergartens in the new era, we should not only seek for "living education", but also inherit and stick to "living education".


With vivid and profound language, Principal Cui Liling explained that in the quest for "living education", we should adhere to the Chinese, scientific, and popular. Gulou kindergarten after the first kindergarten curriculum reform in China, is China's early childhood education field, through building the sinicization of western toys kindergarten garden shed, engineered to keep all the sinicization, reconstruction of kindergarten life three big plans to keep Mr. Chen Heqin had offered to do without walls "kindergarten" slogan. These curriculum experiments emphasize planning, integrity, and flexibility, and lay a solid foundation for the theoretical system of "living education".


Principal Cui Liling pointed out that "exploring a scientific and popular preschool education path suitable for China" proposed by Chen Heqin is the purpose of Gulou Kindergarten. With "unit curriculum" as the kindergarten-based curriculum, the theory of active education of Chen Heqin is integrated into modern early childhood education. Through continuous reform and innovation, the traditional Chinese education theory is integrated with the world's advanced education theory, so that children grow up alive and lively. Director Cui proposed that the fourth unit course practice was divided into collective teaching experiment stage, group teaching experiment stage, and individual teaching experiment stage. Then, the ideological support and technical support were introduced, and the concept of children, curriculum, teaching,g, and active learning strategies was summarized.


Finally, Principal Cui Liling explained how to stick to "living education" in the current education of Gulou Kindergarten. She introduced in the process of adhering to living education, the establishment of the "living education" ideological research institute, including cultural research team and practical research team, launched the "wheat field" project. Mr. Chen Heqin said, "To do childish education is to cultivate wheat in the fields so that urban and rural kindergartens can receive scientific enlightenment education, and to do Gulou Kindergarten is to provide wheat seeds in China for the fields." Gulou Kindergarten, following Mr. Chen's teachings, started the "Wheat Field Plan". Mr. Cui further pointed out that the idea of "living education" is not only a historical heritage, but also a wheat seed. Culture needs to be inherited and innovated. The new generation of preschool teachers should "guard the roots", "mulch the roots" and "nurture the roots". In the nearly two-hour lecture, Principal Cui Liling shared the cultural inheritance of "living education" from three aspects: seeking for "living education", inheriting "living education" and sticking to "living education", which benefited the pre-school education graduates who listened carefully.