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Academic Report | [Heqin Lecture Forum No.108] Effective development of kindergarten poetry activities

At half-past three on December 21, 2020, the pre-school education master's degree program, "Heqin Lecture Forum" 107 was held in the International Lecture Hall of Tian Nan Building, Suiyuan Campus. Li Man, a special teacher in Jiangsu Province and deputy principal of Nanjing Changjiang Road Primary School, was invited to give the theme lecture of "Effective Development of Kindergarten Poetry Activities".The lecture was hosted by Zheng Li, a teacher from the preschool education department of Nanjing Normal University. The participants included teachers, master and doctoral students from the preschool education department of Nanjing Normal University, as well as some preschool educators who were attracted by the reputation.



First of all, Teacher Li explained her understanding of the definition and characteristics of children's poetry. Therefore, she puts forward that the value of children's poetry learning lies in enriching vocabulary, feeling the rhythm, and developing literary language; Enrich the knowledge of nature, society, and life; Make the soul and emotion by good infection and edification; Cultivate an interest in poetry; Develop imagination and creativity, enlighten wisdom.


Then Li explained the categories of children's poetry, which can be divided into fairy tale poetry, narrative poetry, prose poetry, allegorical poetry, ballads, and tongue twisters. On this basis, she explains the characteristics of each kind of poetry simply and profoundly through classic examples of children's poetry, such as The Dog Carrying a Sedan Chair, Little Brother and Kitten, What Is Happiness, Snail Relation, I Am a Little Environmental Guard, and Tiger and Rabbit.


Then, teacher Li shared his experience and thinking in the practice of children's poetry teaching and research, and proposed that we should pursue the "simple" language teaching style and children's relaxed and pleasant learning state of poetry. In terms of specific teaching methods, Ms. Li combined with poetry examples to illustrate the effective methods of poetry teaching, such as the accumulation method, the breakthrough method of difficult points, the game method, and the appreciation method, so that the participating graduate students have a deeper understanding and grasp of kindergarten poetry teaching.


Finally, Mr. Li specially mentioned some matters needing attention in poetry teaching, including paying attention to the hierarchy of poetry learning; Using media withdrawal, media stimulation, competition challenge, rhythm addition, and musical accompaniment, poetry recitation is made interesting. Use expressive poetry recitation to attract children; Teachers adjust their teaching state to achieve harmony with the works.


Teacher Li Man has many years of experience in kindergarten language teaching, and she has created many excellent works, published a large number of high-quality kindergarten language activity design cases, and has been to various parts of the country many times to hold lectures on kindergarten language education experience, is an outstanding kindergarten language activity practitioner and researcher. Through Mr. Li's detailed and vivid explanation, the graduate students not only deepen their knowledge and understanding of children's poetry but also learned the effective way to carry out poetry teaching.