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Academic Report | Learning Characteristics of Professional Postgraduate Students

In the stage of graduate study, what is the particularity of learning? How to learn more efficiently? On the noon of December 21, 2020, pre-school graduate students held an academic lecture on how to effectively study pre-school education postgraduate students in the lecture hall of Tian Nan Building. The guest speaker was Professor Shao Zebin, vice dean of the School of Education Science and doctoral supervisor of Nanjing Normal University.



President Shao first fully affirmed the students' learning ability, intelligence level, and perseverance. He said, "When you choose to apply for the postgraduate program of preschool education in Nanjing Normal University when we can come to the campus today and truly become a preschool student of Nanjing Normal University, we have already stood at a height unreachable by many people. Dean Shao warmly encouraged the graduate students: "I hope you can be confident, in the future graduate study stage to create a new brilliant!"


President Shao made an in-depth analysis of the learning characteristics, graduation requirements, and employment direction of professional master's degree, and put forward three requirements for pre-school education graduate students:


First, we need to stay true to our mission and increase momentum. Remember to get the admission of Nanjing Normal University pre-school education major graduate student at that moment, to keep that excitement forever, become the strength and spirit of struggle in the future; To cherish the current learning life, learning resources, and learning environment, reasonable planning of own learning time, worthy of the identity of the predecessors of NNU. "Ten thousand years is too long. Seize the day, seize the hour," Shao quoted Chairman Mao as saying. "It is not too much to put it in the memory of our predecessors."


Second, "stay true to our mission and enhance our vitality". President Shao put forward four requirements, "love education, love preschool, love children, love professional". As a pre-school graduate student, you must have a sense of mission, be aware of your mission and responsibility for children, and strive to be an excellent, creative and influential pre-school education professional.


Third, "don't forget responsibility, enhance perseverance". As a graduate student majoring in preschool education, I should be responsible for my discipline and major. During your two or three years in school, take pride in your subjects; And after you graduate, be qualified to make the discipline proud of you. As a graduate student, I should do my job well, complete the most basic academic tasks, and on this basis, give play to my professional advantages and strengths, and create new brilliance.


From the perspective of postgraduate training, this paper puts forward eager requirements and hopes for postgraduate students majoring in preschool education. Preschool xing is subject xing! The high quality of preschool education means the high quality of pedagogy research. Therefore, the cultivation and quality of preschool pedagogy major students are very important. President Shao's inculcation to us all reflects his love for education, as well as his heartfelt care and expectation for students.


Through this professional learning lecture, students get a lot of inspiration and are deeply encouraged, have a higher recognition of their professional, have more confidence in the successful completion of the study, have a more firm belief in the future work! The symposium came to a successful end, and the students applauded warmly for Dean Shao's wonderful lecture.