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Academic Events

Academic Report | Lecture by Professor Ratna Ghosh of McGill University

On December 15, 2020, Professor Ratna Ghosh of McGill University was invited to give an online academic lecture to teachers and students of the School of Educational Science.


Ratna Ghosh is a Distinguished James McGill Professor and William C. Macdonald Professor of Education at McGill University where she was Dean of Education.  Her area of teaching and research is Comparative and International Education. Her most cited publications are in Multicultural Education and Social Justice Education, as well as in the area of women and development, and education and security.


Professor Ratna Ghosh gave a lecture on "educational development, social diversity, and social cohesion during the outbreak" on zoom. Dr. Jing Xiaoli from McGill University served as the interpreter of the lecture. This lecture mainly focuses on the challenges of the new epidemic on social cohesion, the importance of education in promoting social cohesion and lasting peace, and the impact of the new epidemic on international students.



At first, Professor Ratna Ghosh put forward the problems that education must face in the era of the epidemic. The social crisis caused by the epidemic, the unfair education caused by online education, and the problem of students' resilience education are all the problems that need to be solved in the epidemic era. In the post epidemic era, how to deepen and maintain the unity and cooperation between countries is also an issue worthy of attention in the field of education.



Then, Professor Ratna Ghosh put forward the problems and phenomena in education under the new liberalism system, such as the lack of social-emotional education -- caring education and empathy education. Social-emotional education is of great significance to the sustainable development of students. Therefore, we must promote humanistic education, attach importance to the moral goal of education, and cultivate students' correct emotions, attitudes, and values.



Finally, Professor Ratna Ghosh discussed the impact of the epidemic on international student mobility and the challenges faced by international students. In the applause of the students, the lecture was a complete success, and everyone looked forward to the next meeting.