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Academic Events

Academic report | President Zhou Leshan of Nanjing Jinling higher vocational and technical school came to our school to give an academic report

On the afternoon of November 6, 2019, President Zhou Leshan of Nanjing Jinling higher vocational and technical school was invited to give an academic report on "keeping watch on Humanities: exploring the road of modernization, innovation and development of vocational education" for graduate students of School of education science. The report will be presided over by Mr. He Shanliang of our hospital.       


President Zhou Leshan's lecture is divided into two parts. The first part: symbiosis, narrowing the distance between history, present and future. Starting from the carbon based civilization, this paper explains the related knowledge of the carbon based civilization we live in at present and the related concepts of the silicon-based civilization we may enter in the future. The second part: what kind of person should education cultivate? This paper introduces the theme from the current education goal of vocational education. The current education goal has four levels, which are: cultivating mind, cultivating knowledge and skills, cultivating emotional experience, and cultivating practical ability. President Zhou Leshan believes that the primary goal of our education is to make people become a social person and an independent person, not just to teach them a professional skill. We should conform to the current trend of modernization and realize the transformation of teachers - the all-round transformation of professional modernization.         


President Zhou Leshan demonstrated his sincerity and enthusiasm for learning, education and students with humorous language. It is very important to inspire students' enthusiasm and inspire students' deep thinking on vocational education teaching transformation to use this enthusiasm to guide students to further understand vocational education teachers as teachers. Finally, Mr. He Shanliang once again expressed sincere thanks to President Zhou Leshan for his accurate and sufficient guidance and suggestions to our graduate students.