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Academic Events

Academic Report | Prof. Zhiqiang Zhang from CUHK was invited to give a lecture on meta-analysis to the faculty and students of CUHK

At the invitation of the Department of Educational Management and Policy and the Institute of Educational Leadership and Management, School of Educational Science, Nanjing Normal University, Prof. Zhiqiang Zhang, CUHK, delivered a lecture on meta-analysis to the faculty and students of CUHK through the Tencent Conference on December 22 and 23, 2020 at 4:00 PM.



In the first day's lecture, Professor Zhang mainly started from the definition of meta-analysis and explained it's the theoretical basis, such as the using condition of meta-analysis, the main characteristics as well as the types of meta-analysis and the calculation method of effect value.

In the second day's lecture, Professor Zhang mainly introduced the operation basis and application of meta-analysis software and demonstrated the operation of CMA software, defined variables, and variable coding used a variety of statistical techniques to explore, and presented data analysis results.

Finally, Professor Zhang gave detailed answers to students' questions about the theory and operation of the meta-analysis method, so that teachers and students had a deeper and more specific understanding of the meta-analysis research method, and accepted the consultation from the relevant research team of the Academy of Education Science.



Professor Zhang's team's lecturers combine theory with practice. The teachers and students participating in the study have benefited a lot. They not only have a deeper understanding of the principle of the meta-analysis research method but also strengthen the technical operation skills, laying a foundation for better application in the future.

Written by Wang Weihao