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Academic Events

Academic report | Professor Li hui was invited to give a lecture

The symposium of preschool education department under the college of educational science was held in conference room 802, Tiannan building, on December 30, 2019. Professor Li hui was invited to give a lecture. The members of the symposium included vice Dean of college Du Yueyan, Wang Haiying, Zheng Li, Yuan Jinxia, and teacher Ji Yue. In addition, doctoral and postgraduate students from the department of preschool education also attended this conference. At the beginning of the symposium, professor Li hui briefly introduced his study journey, teaching experience and career history, and elaborated his research direction and achievements. Professor Li Hui is currently a professor at Macquarie University, director of master's programs in education, special term professor at chutian, and visiting professor at ten universities in China. He has published more than 200 books and papers in both Chinese and English, such as "baby psychology", "research on curriculum development in Hong Kong kindergarten" and "encyclopedia of China's one-child education". Since 2004, he has been the editor-in-chief of the Oxford University press Chinese language teaching kit for children. Previously, he was the co-editor of Journal of Research in Childhood Education, a world-class academic Journal. Now, he is the deputy editor of Early Education and Development, Frontiers in Psychology and Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy, International Journal of Early. He is also the founding executive editor of Human Behaviour & Brain, and an international advisory board on early childhood education (education science) in Chinese. All the teachers expressed their sincere welcome to Mr. Li hui's presence and guidance.



First of all, professor Li hui shared the cutting-edge achievements in the field of music teaching from the perspective of preschool art, and concluded that quantitative research on preschool music education is of great value. For the research and development of visual arts, he believes that it plays a positive role in promoting the development of children's language; Then, professor Li hui discussed the reproduction route of the macro framework of preschool pedagogy with all the teachers, analyzed and summarized the development trend and trend of preschool pedagogy curriculum with the participating teachers on the basis of comparing the similarities and differences in the curriculum setting of preschool pedagogy in China and Australia. After that, professor Li hui also communicated with teachers about his research field and main research tasks. Professor Li hui believes that positivism and interpretivism are both necessary and powerful tools for the internationalization and scientization of preschool education. Therefore, a more detailed and rigorous study of various fields of preschool education should be conducted from a diversified and mixed perspective. In particular, he stressed the need to root in practice, from the practice of kindergarten, to practice in kindergarten, and effectively combine academic research with practical utility, and really play the leading and raising role of academic for the development of kindergarten. After that, all the doctoral and postgraduate students also put forward their current research confusion, and professor Li hui made specific and detailed sharing. After listening, the graduate students benefited a lot and expressed their gratitude to professor Li.


  After the end of the session, the participants thanked professor Li Hui again for his special discussion at the school of education science of Nanjing Normal University. After the teachers took a group photo, the symposium ended successfully.