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Academic Events

Academic Report: Professor Zhang Zhiqiang from the Chinese University of Hong Kong came to our school to lecture

Prof. Zhang, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Education from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, made a lecture on An Introduce to Meta-Analysis in Room 404 of South Tin Ka Ping Building on the afternoon of November 7th. He was invited by the Department of Education Management and Policy, School of Education Science.

This lecture was divided into two parts: one was the theory review; the second was the case study. Professor Zhang pointed out the rise of education based on evidence in recent decades, which made the results more reliable and valuable. Then Traditional review, Meta-Analysis review, Base-evidenced synthesis, three types of research reviews and their advantages and disadvantages have been introduced in detail.

During the case operation part, Prof. Zhang showed data in the Meta-Analysis and calculation formula for computing the effect value required and problems being noticed in the process of calculation. Then he presented how to use the ES_Calculator to find the effect value. And then students were organized as teams to work together.

Prof. Zhang gave us a wonderful speech, and the academic lecture came to a successful conclusion in the warm applause from the teachers and students.