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Academic Events

Academic Report | “Scenario Planning the Technology-Enhanced Education in the Future - Singularity and Beyond” lecture was given by Dr. Tosh Yamamoto

Dr. Tosh Yamamoto, a professor at the Center for Teaching and Learning in the Division of Promotion of Educational Development, the Kansai University in Osaka (Japan) gave online lecture to faculty and students of the Department of Educational Technologies, Nanjing Normal University on June 12, 2020. Dr. Tosh Yamamoto is currently an Associate Director for the Division of Promotion of Educational Development. He received his bachelor degree from Dokkyo University, Japan and his master degree from Sophia University, Japan and West Virginia University, USA. He studied for his PhD in Michigan State University and Indiana State University, USA. Dr. Tosh Yamamoto is an educational specialist for curriculum, instruction, and media informatics ranging from the design for the educational paradigm at the institutional level, on the one hand, and the course design to ePortfolio design enhanced with active learning activities, on the other.

Dr. Tosh Yamamoto lectured via Zoom application and the lecture topic was “Scenario Planning the Technology-Enhanced Education in the Future - Singularity and Beyond.” Dr. Tosh Yamamoto introduced critical thinking and meaning making concepts to frame his lecture topic. Then, he introduced an education model for scenario planning the technology-enhanced education in the future. After that, the discussed singularity concept and its impact on modern education and education in the future. He also explained the Gartner’s hype model and how current technologies and their applications fit the model. Finally, he discussed the role of active learning, reaching higher level of Bloom’s taxonomy and how information literacy can be mapped with the taxonomy.