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Academic Events

Academic Report | "Several Important Issues in Science Education in Primary School" Ended Successfully

On January 13, 2020, Mr. Lu Xinqi, a science researcher in the teaching and Research Office of primary and secondary schools in Jiangsu Province and vice president of the science education branch of the Chinese educational society, was invited to give a lecture entitled "several important issues in science education in primary schools" to the graduate students of the Academy of education in B101 laboratory in Tiannan building, bringing fresh experience of the front line of education and teaching practice to the students.



First of all, Mr. Lu started from what science is, including semantic understanding, intuition in life, one meeting in the discourse system, abstract formation in academic development, science with different opinions and Science in the palace of science. Mr. Lu mentioned that the nature of science is defined in Chalmers' what is science: observation as a means, facts as a basis, repeatability, accumulation and theoretical falsification. He stressed that we should attach great importance to the role of science curriculum in improving national scientific literacy. The goal of scientific education is scientific literacy and innovative practical ability.


Then, Mr. Lu introduced the contents of the new curriculum standard of primary school science to the students. From the 30-year change of science curriculum standard: from the full-time primary school nature syllabus in the 1990s to the Science (Grade 3-6) curriculum standard at the beginning of the new century to the primary school science curriculum standard of compulsory education issued in 2017, the development of science curriculum is also changing. From imparting knowledge before to paying attention to scientific inquiry, improving scientific literacy, and more comprehensive and integrated scientific education. In addition, he also introduced the impact of the two generations of American science education framework and the new generation of science education standards on China's science education. He should pay attention to the practice of science and engineering, the concept of interdisciplinary and the core concept of discipline, and highlight the core role of science curriculum.


Then on the scientific literacy and core literacy, through the interpretation of "the CPC Central Committee on deepening the reform of education and teaching to improve the quality of compulsory education in an all-round way" further pointed out the importance of core literacy. Science curriculum standard is produced in the process of putting forward the core quality. Similarly, scientific literacy contains the connotation of scientific method, scientific essence, scientific thought and scientific spirit. The core quality of Science in primary school refers to scientific inquiry, scientific thinking, scientific concept, scientific attitude and responsibility.  



Finally, Mr. Lu pointed out that the current science education should not only learn science in school, but also go beyond the boundaries of the classroom to learn science in nature, in life and on the Internet. Learn science, love science, use science.