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Academic Events

Academic Report | Sharing research experience on technology-enhanced English as a foreign language learning in authentic contexts by distinguished professor from Taiwan

Distinguished Professor Hwang Wu-Yuin from Taiwan Central University gave online lecture to faculty and students of the Department of Educational Technologies of Nanjing Normal University on May 8, 2020. The lecture was presented online using zoom application and the topic of the lecture was “Self-experienced storytelling in an authentic context to facilitate EFL writing.” In the lecture, Distinguished Professor Hwang Wu-Yuin explained about Enactivism Theory and its framework for English as a foreign language learning in authentic environments. He also explained the idea of “Authentic supported Learner-oriented Language Learning” (ALLL) for his research and ezVision App for mobile devices that supports ALLL. After that, he reported the results of his study in which undergraduate students learned English as a foreign language in authentic context with mobile technology. Distinguished Professor Hwang Wu-Yuin suggested that students need to learn in authentic environments and technology can support their learning in order to promote their skills in English as a foreign language. He also suggested that the idea of his research can be useful for teaching and researching community in the field. Several interesting questions were asked by faculty and students of the department of educational technologies. For example, one student was curious about Enactivism theory and how learning in online authentic environments can be arranged based on it. Another student asked about differences in results across different gender, learning ability and learning style. One student was wondering about applicability of the proposed research idea to primary and secondary school level. Distinguished Professor Hwang Wu-Yuin fully answered all questions.