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Academic Events

Academic Report | "Talking about the Open Teaching Strategies for Postgraduate Students" themed lecture was successfully held

On December 8, 2020, the theme lecture "Talking about Postgraduate Open Teaching Strategies" was successfully held in Room 101, Tianbei Building. Teacher Chen Daopei, a Chinese teacher and senior teacher in Qixia District, Nanjing City, brought an opportunity to the students majoring in primary education. In a wonderful theme lecture, Mr. Hu Yu from Xianlin Primary School of Nanjing Normal University, Mr. Xu Huali, and Mr. Huang Wenfeng from Nanjing Jinling Primary School respectively showed examples of thematic reading extension teaching, modern essay and classical Chinese teaching in elementary school Chinese. This event was hosted by Professor Huang Wei.






First, Mr. Hu Yu brought a presentation on the theme of "Feeling the Four Seasons". Mr. Hu introduced the overall teaching design of this class by introducing four idioms, four ancient poems, two nursery rhymes, two beautiful essays, etc. Abundant teaching resources fully demonstrate the beauty of the four seasons in the classroom. Teacher Xu Huali introduced the teaching ideas of the lesson "Autumn Rain", and carried out four teaching demonstrations in the form of "exciting interest introduction, a first reading of the text, appreciation of words and sentences, review and consolidation". Teacher Huang Wenfeng started with the "three perspectives" of Chinese language teaching in the current unified textbooks, combed the essentials of classical Chinese teaching, and at the same time, taking "Standing to the End and Waiting for the Rabbit" as an example, it specifically presented the classical Chinese classroom teaching "recitation, wise reading, thick reading, and wisdom. "Four links. The lectures given by the three teachers left a deep impression on the students.






Then, Mr. Chen Daopei summarized the lectures of the above three teachers. At the same time, he brought a lively lecture to the students with the theme of "Postgraduate Open Teaching Strategy". Starting with the four dimensions of “the depth of the text and the brightness of the text interpretation”, combined with teaching examples, it introduces students to the key points of open class teaching, and emphasizes that open class teaching should avoid “chaos, dryness, floating, and rigidity”, and strive to pay attention to details, Pay attention to reading, pay attention to the
harmony and unity of "picture, sound, text, and emotion".




Finally, Professor Huang Wei reviewed and commented on the entire lecture. The teaching demonstrations of the three teachers have their characteristics, presenting the exquisite teaching art, and encouraging students to teach the three outstanding first-line teachers in terms of teaching level and teacher quality, in the meantime align and clarify the direction of the future.