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Academic Events

Academic Report | the Chinese Cultural Experience Program "Child Development & Education Innovation" Started Successfully

On May 27th, the Chinese Cultural Experience Program "Child Development & Education Innovation", held by School of Education Science, held orientation meeting at Suiyuan Campus. Eight undergraduates from the University of Strathclyde would attend the international program in next 8 weeks. Dr. Xuefeng Qiao and Ms. Ping Liu from NNU attended the ceremony.


Dr. Qiao expressed his welcome to the students from UoS. At the beginning of the orientation meetinghe introduced the history and features of Nanjing Normal University as well as the School of Education Science. Then he provided a video clip to introduce Nanjing. All students were surprised by the sights showed in the video. In addition, he provided some details about the arrangements in the next two months. He also gave students some tips about learning and living in Nanjing. Finally, students took a campus tour and took some pictures in the Campus.