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Academic Report | the Chinese Cultural Experience Program "Child Development & Education Innovation" Placement summary

From June 10th to 14th, eight undergraduates from the University of Strathclyde and ten volunteers of our school had a placement in four schools, which are LaSa Road Primary School, HRYF-Kindergarten, Longjiang Primary School and The Primary School Affiliated to NNU. Students who participated in the placement had gained a lot.

At the beginning of the placement, the main focus was on taking the observation and listening to classes. Primary school observations were mainly in the subjects of literacy, mathematics and English language. While listening to one of the English class, Claudia from the University of Strathclyde actively participated in the answering process, explored the steps of solving the problem with the students, and constantly encouraged students not to worry about making mistakes, try to develp new answers, which made the atmosphere very active. Kindergarten courses are more varied, they also visited the Yunjin Museum with children to experience the cultural characteristics of Nanjing.

At the end of the placement, students from UoS gave lessens to students. They used multimedia to introduce the culture of Scotland and the way people lived. They took many forms, including painting, Ceilidh Dance, and storytelling. Students from partner schools liked it very much.

The students not only felt the difference between Chinese and Western cultures, but also gained an unforgettable experience.