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Academic Events

Academic Report | The first lecture in the second semester of 2020-2021 for primary school pedagogy was successfully held

On 30 March 2021, Ms. Xu Yanjuan, Principal of Sanjing Experimental Primary School in Changzhou City, who is an educator-type headmaster training candidate in Jiangsu Province, a special-grade headmaster in Changzhou City, and a leading language teacher in the city, was invited by Professor Wu Yongjun of the Master's Degree Programme in Primary Education of the School of Education Science of Nanjing Normal University to give a lecture. The lecture was entitled "Opening a Window for Children: Theoretical Constructs and Practical Advances of Holographic Reading".



At the beginning of the lecture, Ms. Xu gave the students a detailed introduction to the cultural characteristics, orientation, and curriculum system of Sanjing Primary School, demonstrating the school's development model based on seeking original education, advocating that education should return to the origin of human beings and respect the laws of human growth; return to children and guide them to a better future based on discovery; dig deeper into the origin of education, respect the laws of subject teaching, return to the development of children's thinking and let each student become a person with a complete personality, thus achieving the educational goal of cultivating students with patriotism, health, and fitness, inquisitiveness, public interest, reading eyes and love of work.



Secondly, through a series of videos, Ms. Xu explained the school's special educational practice of holographic reading, which has been in place for more than ten years and gave a comprehensive overview of the three major stages of Sanjing Primary School's exploration of holographic reading, the physical construction of the school's environment and the three major event strategies. She pointed out that holographic reading relies on an all-time, all-participant, all-discipline approach to learning, through holistic, connected reading, three-dimensional thinking, and other ways of thinking. Students' reading literacy and growth in the spiritual world are enhanced in a ubiquitous, holistic, and hands-on approach to reading.



She cited her own educational experience and the growth of outstanding teachers in Sanjing Primary School and pointed out that the professional growth of outstanding primary school teachers cannot be achieved without diversified reading and peer reading, and that through reading, teachers can enhance their educational practice, improve their educational theory and exercise their educational thinking. She also expressed her rational thinking about the future of holographic reading, i.e. moving from reading to the whole person. The new holographic reading of the future points to the human-centered growth needs, to the deep reading of core literacy, and the reading space beyond the traditional school.

In the end, Ms. Xu expressed her great expectations for primary education students, hoping that they will have the righteousness to be exemplary, the enthusiasm to work in education, the courage to take up heavy burdens, the enthusiasm to continue to innovate, and the tenacity to reach the end. Through this heartfelt talk, the students felt the passionate dedication of Ms. Xu to the development of education and believed that they would strive for the ambitious goal of being good teachers with ideal beliefs, moral sentiments, solid knowledge, and a loving heart.


                                         Written by Lin Weijun, Primary Education

Photo: Lin Weijun