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Academic Events

Academic Report: The Launch Ceremony of “Research-based Growth Plan for Outstanding Primary Teachers” Achieved Complete Success

At 2:00 pm on 17 December 2017, the Department of Primary Education of the School of Education Science held a ceremony for the development of a prestigious teacher growth plan at the East Auditorium on the second floor of Jingwen Library. Present at the scene were Yu Jiayun, secretary of the Party Committee of theSchool of Education Science, Yi Xiaoming, director of the Department of Primary Education, Zhu Xi, deputy director, Hu Jinping, principal of the Suzhou Experimental School, teachers of the Department of Primary Education, i.e., Wang Yijun, Gao Xia, and Jin Haiyue, and excellent alumni Wei Junchen. Wu Dandan, Fang Yan, Wang Qian, and Lu Aixi. The event was hosted by Yin Fei and Wen Wen.

At the beginning of the event, Prof. Yi Xiaoming, the director of the Department of Primary Education, expounded the theme of the event. Prof. Yi pointed out that this activity aims to provide students with rich and varied teaching and research activities as well as lectures to enrich and improve students' comprehensive quality, so that students truly become the main body of the growth plan. Afterwards, party secretary Yu Jiayun addressed the event and announced that the growth plan was officially launched. Next, the excellent alumni Fang Yan, Wang Qian, Wu Dandan, and Wei Junchen shared their ups and downs as a front-line teacher. They also talked about the outstanding teachers in their understanding. In addition, Prof. Hu Jinping explained from the principal's point of view the current requirements of schools for primary school teachers in terms of morality, professional knowledge, and teaching skills. After the sharing, the students majored in primary education delivered a video of fine cuts to show their understanding of outstanding teachers. In the subsequent questioning session, the 17th grade students were very active and asked quite a number of questions. The four alumni answered the questions.

This activity is of great significance to our undergraduate students. The teacher said that the exchanges with the seniors in this school have solved the puzzles in the study and life, made their future career plans more clear, and have more confidence to face such a glorious and hard road. “Returning to our home university makes us feel like warm and spring. Look back to the growth process, we want to give many  thanks to the university and teachers here!” The five teachers gave such a common feeling.

This is a warm and generous sharing in the winter. We believe that the growth plan will surely show more exciting things. The young teachers will surely gain a full range of products and be brave enough to move forward.

Translated by: YAQING YANG)