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Academic Events

Academic Report | The third lecture in the second semester of 2020-2021 for primary school pedagogy was successfully held

On December 23, 2020, Ms. Li Lin, a special grade primary language teacher in Jiangsu Province, the principal of Nanjing Lixue Elementary School, and a part-time supervisor of master's degree in primary education in the School of Educational Sciences of Nanjing Normal University, gave a lecture entitled "Primary School Teaching Reform Practices in which Children Become Researchers" to postgraduate students major in 2020 primary education. The lecture was conducted in the Future Classroom of Lixue Elementary School.



At the beginning of the lecture, Ms. Li exchanged cordially with the students about the confusion and anxiety of elementary education, pointing out that the choice of elementary teaching as a profession must be based on love, hoping that the students can enrich their educational background as well as humanistic cultivation during their graduate studies, not only learning the textbook courses well but also keeping reading with depth, width, and breadth.

Secondly, by citing the concept of children's education infamous books such as "Emile" and "Pedagogy of Childhood", Ms. Li thought that the important issue of children's education is to teach them how to discover the truth, cultivate the interest of learning and the method of researching learning, and treat childhood as a special period of active construction. After systematically explaining the core concepts of the new round of deepening reform of basic education and research-based learning, and combining with Li's many years of teaching experience, she elaborated on the three core elements of a research-based classroom: interest, research, and point of integration; three main qualities: maximizing students' subjectivity, influencing the inquiry nature of the classroom, and enhancing the creativity of teaching; five teaching modes: co-selected theme, first inquiry, key research, multiple sharing, and extended research. To address the behavioral practices of children as researchers, she argued for reshaping teacher-student relationships, rebuilding teaching structures, and fully respecting students' subjectivity in learning and research.



Then, Ms. Chen introduced the teaching system and proposed four major innovations of the teaching system to support children's research actions: partner research system, visiting children system, cross-border integration system, and result sharing system. Also, she emphasized that children are allowed to freely choose topics of interest, follow their ideas to design the process, and share the real results experience, and parents are both supporting children's learning and effectively reconstructing parent-child relationships. Meanwhile, children's micro-lessons have become a new curriculum resource for teachers' professional development, in which teachers see the limitations of teaching and learning, gain insight into the future direction of education, and discover the wonderful side of children under the screen lens.



Finally, the mathematics teacher of Lixue Elementary School showed a wonderful interpretation of the "Determining Position", focusing on children's personalized and diversified thinking self-talk, co-temporal thinking through dialogue with peers, and transcendental thinking through dialogue with texts and teachers. Through this passionate presentation, students deeply experienced the excellent teaching philosophy and the research behind the years of teaching reform and looked forward to future teaching activities in which the role of children as researchers and the practice of teaching reform would be emphasized.