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Academic Events

Academic report: the Yangtze River Scholar Professor Sui Yifa Elaborating the Methodology of Social Science Research

On May 25, 2017 at 9am, invited by Higher Learning Studies Institute of Nanjing Normal University, after being the chairman of 2017 doctoral open reply committee of Higher Learning Studies,the Yangtze river scholar, members of the disciplinary panel of the state council and the doctor supervisor prof. Sui Yifan from Zhejiang Normal University gave a lecture at room 602 South Tin Ka Ping Building titled "The Conflict between Social Science Research Methods and Qualitative Research”. The report was presided over by director of Higher Learning Studies Institute professor Hu Jianhua.More than 100 graduate students from Education Science Institute and Teacher Education Institute attended the lecture.

Starting from Stanford University’s "2025 plan" to create the "university of open loop", prof. Sui Yifan pointed out the irreplaceable value of research methodology for improving the way of thinking,research ability and professional ability". Now that the methodology is so important, what should graduate students do? Prof. Sui teacher believed that as a graduate student,one must know something of social science research and master the multidisciplinary thinking and study methods of social science.Besides, one should apply correctly multidisciplinary social science research methods to think and construct the education research framework. Then,Prof. Sui talked about the value, science categories, research paradigm,research categories,research methods and methodology principles etc. of “social science research methodology” through his own research experiences and with pictures and texts. Facing the difficulty of choosing from quantitative and qualitative research methods, on the analysis of others’ ideas and classic cases, prof. Sui suggested that one should combine different methods to analyze the more and more complicated social situation.Then prof. Sui extended his sincere words and worries:when there are too much emphasis empirical research on the basis of data collection, those famous universities which have contributed a lot on knowledge to modern civilization are insisting on research on thought.That maybe the cause of the gap between Chinese universities and world-famous universities.

In the end of the report, professor Hu Jianhua expressed sincere gratitude to prof. Sui and concluded that the report was rich in connotation, informative and enlightening. He hoped the students will manage the methodology to improve their learning and scientific research levels. The report lasted more than two hours. The teachers and students attending learned much from it and expected more words from prof. Sui.