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Academic Events

Academic Report | Three Japanese Experts Specialized in International Understanding Education Visited Our School

At the invitation of the School of Educational Sciences, Professor Senmo of Central University Specialized in international understanding education in Japan, Professor Saoko of Doshisha Women's University, and professor TANIGUCHI, Kazuya of the Northeastern College visited our school on October 10, 2018.

October 11, 2018, Professor Senmo and Professor Saoko, respectively, gave a wonderful lecture to our teachers and students, chaired by Professor Zhang, dean of the Department of Education, and the PhD San Jie of the Central University as a translator.

In the morning, Professor Senmo did a lecture on the theme of "School Education in the Era of Multicultural Symbiosis – Practice and Subject". He described the characteristics of the global era and the new international understanding of education under the this era. He believed that the new international understanding education should be a combination of "global education" and "multicultural culture", and it is illustrated by the example of "alien Understanding Symbiosis Course scientific research project" which has been presided over by China, Japan and South Korea. All the students and teachers had a heated discussion about this topic and the project.

In the afternoon, Professor Saoko did a lecture on the topic "The Current Situation and Topic of Global Education and International Understanding Education in Japan". Professor Saoko detailed the development of Japan's international understanding education since the Second World War, and then analyzed the challenges and possibilities of international understanding of education curriculum development. Finally, as for the question “In the face of the global era, what kind of talent should be cultivated , competitive talent-global leaders, or symbiotic talent-global citizens? Professor Saoko said he was in favor of the latter.

October 12, accompanied by Professor Zhang, Professor Senmo, Professor Saoko and professor TANIGUCHI, Kazuya successively visited the Nanjing Foreign Language School and Lhasa Road Primary school, not only to observe the classroom, but also have a discussion with the teachers. By this experience, they understood the Nanjing primary and secondary education.

Through this visit, the two sides strengthened the communication and understanding. Professor Senmo also expressed his desire to strengthen cooperation with Nanjing Normal University, and to continue in-depth exchanges with the Department of Education.