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Academic Events

Academic Report:Accessing China’s Educational Sensibilities through a Western Detour

Invited by Moral Principle Research of Nanjing Normal University, Dr. Weili Zhao, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, gave a lecture named “Accessing China’s Educational Sensibilities through a Western Detour” on November 4th.

During the lecture, Dr. Zhao shared her experience in the USA to show how to use western theory on Chinese education and made different cultures communicate with each other. Different cultures hid behind different languages, in other words, it’s the mode of thinking that create particular language. Researching different languages and cultures was digging different thinking modes. So when facing language cultures, we need to express our special one instead of quoting foreign theories only. That really could make something creative. But this work all depended on digging our own culture by ourselves.

After the speech, many students made a discussion about this topic and Dr. Zhao answered every question.