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Academic Events

Academic Report:Professor Leonard J. Waks, the Chair of the John Dewey Society, came to our school

On December 13rd, Prof. Leonard J. Waks, the Conference Chair of the John Dewey Society, gave a lecture named “Dewey on Nationalism and Moral Education” in the International Academic Report Hall of South Tin Ka Ping Building.

At the beginning, Prof. Waks introduced the history of nationalism. With the development of industry, more and more people went out villages and saw the whole world, they started to understand the meaning of “nation” and “country”. After the World WarⅠ, nationalism spread in form of patriotism in the USA but Dewey objected this nationalism because this extreme nationalism could become the populist which would lead the USA into danger. In his opinion, the true nationalism should let the government and society focus on the people’s livelihood issues, make everyone get a better life. So all nations should have their own scholars who concentrate on their people. School’s aim is to let students learn how to live with others and establish a healthy community with people around instead of remembering knowledge. School should be a place which allows students to share experience and cooperate with others to solve problems. They can develop their intelligence and ability at the same time.

In the end, Prof. Waks negotiated with the audience and answered their questions. In the afternoon, Prof. Waks attended Ph.D. students seminar and had communicated with them.