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Academic Events

Changjiang scholar Professor Zhengtao Li talking about “a global vision and interdisciplinary blend of the contemporary educational research”

In the morning of January 1st, 2017, at the invitation of School of Education Science and the Research Center for Educational Sociology in Nanjing Normal University, Prof. Zhengtao Li, Changjiang Scholar, vice Director of School of Education and Dean of the Institute of Life and Practice Education in East China Normal University, delivered a lecture entitled “a global vision and interdisciplinary blend of the contemporary educational research”in Room 404,  South Tin Ka Ping Building. The report meeting was chaired by Prof. Tianjun Cheng, Director of the Research Center for Educational Sociology of Nanjing Normal University. Nearly 40 teachers and postgraduates from School of Education Science attended this report meeting.

This report mainly focused on the two topics of how to have a global perspective and how to conduct interdisciplinary blend in contemporary education research. Firstly, Prof. Li pointed out that the “global vision” of research was to acquire the research to have a global vision in four dimensions, “scope”-space dimension, “history”- time dimension, “frontier”- modern academic dimension and “content”- research object dimension. The “scope” here meant that researchers should consider the dialogue and communication among all the various regions, disciplines and schools, and that they should avoid taking a particular person or group as the sole reference for research. The “history” meant researchers should take the history of the issue as the starting point and avoid the vertical separation between research and history. The so-called “frontier” required researchers to connect the current academic venation to make the research get accumulated value. As for the “content”, it focused on the issue, perspective, method of the research and the globalization of researchers’ thinking system. It meant researchers should be careful of the one-sidedness of the study and thinking rigidity.

Prof. Li further stated that when we considered the globalization of the research, we not only needed to “see the big short”- finding the special “handle” or “carrier” in universal problems, but also we needed to “see big things from small ones”- pursuing the universal significance of some particular issue. The research perspective should have national feelings and also beyond nationalism. Researchers needed to inspect our national educational researches with the multi-dimention vision of western world, neighboring countries and China’s border areas. when talking about interdisciplinary integration, Prof. Li stressed that the unique perspective of each discipline should be paid attention to in the interdisciplinary integration research of pedagogy. And, caring and developing the unique position and vision of each discipline of pedagogy is the necessary precondition of interdisciplinary integration research in pedagogy.