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Academic Events

"Child Development & Education Innovation" project students go to the Suzhou Experimental School to communicate

On June 7, 2017, the Chinese cultural experience program "Child Development & Education Innovation" students go to Suzhou Experimental School,cooperative school of Nanjing Normal University to communicate. The exchange was led by David Roxburgh, the Vice Dean of the Chinese Institute of University of Strathclyde in Scotland and Dr. Qiao Xuefeng Education Science Institute of Nanjing Normal University.

Dr.David Roxburgh gave an academic lecture on "Reform on Scottish Basic Education" to all the teachers in the Suzhou Experimental School. Head of the Experts Group at Nanjing Normal University prof. Zhang Letian hosted the report with Dr. Qiao Xuefeng as the interpreter. David Roxburgh, knowledgeable, humorous and wise, in the more-than-one-hour lecture, made a wonderful explanation from various aspects from the main concepts of Scottish education system, the origin and key structures of Excellent Curriculum Reform to the influence of Strathclyde Curriculum Reform. He also asked whether the attending teachers are willing to apply for a position as a teacher in Scotland and contribute to the Scottish basic education, leading academic atmosphere to a very strong status. After the lecture, a communication link was set up. Several teachers put forward their own questions and Dr. David Roxburgh made detailed and in-depth explanations.

Also, the students from the University of Strathclyde took a friendly communication with the international students of the Suzhou Experimental School. The Director of the Internation al Department of Suzhou Experimental School, Chen Yan, and all the head teachers attended the exchange. Students from the University of Strathclyde shared their experiences both in learning and life and offered their advice on living and learning for international students. The exchange left students a taste of the exotic, enhanced the students' understanding of Scottish culture and broadened the international horizons.