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Academic Events

Collaborative Innovation Center and Huaiyin Experimental Primary School Start the "Life Education" Project

On the afternoon of January 17, 2017, the basic education talent training mode collaborative innovation center and Huaiyin Experimental Primary School "life education" project signed in Huaiyin primary school. Attended the agreement signing ceremony of the basic education personnel training model collaborative innovation center director Professor Hu Jianhua, deputy director of Professor Shao Zhibin, Professor Feng Jianjun, and Huaiyin experimental primary school principal Chen Songsheng and other school leaders. President Chen Songsheng introduced the situation of Huaiyin Experimental Primary School, and the achievements made by Professor Feng Jianjun in recent years to promote the development of the school connotation and shape the characteristics of the century-specific brand, and put forward the desire to further obtain Professor Feng Jianjun's guidance. Collaborative Innovation Center Director Professor Hu Jianhua briefly introduced the Nanjing Normal University, "basic education personnel training model of collaborative innovation center" situation and the basis of the function of education services. Professor Feng Jianjun recalled in recent years with the small cooperation and achieved remarkable results, and expressed willingness to further assist the real small, to promote real education brand building to a new level. Finally, Professor Hu Jianhua on behalf of collaborative innovation center and experimental school principal Chen Songsheng signed a two-year "life education" cooperation projects.

February 10, spring chill, Huaiyin experimental primary school "life education" project has been gong start. In the morning, Professor Feng Jianjun busy schedule to Huaiyin Experimental Primary School, to guide the school to learn the design of the course. Afternoon for the experimental primary school teachers to do the "implementation of the dual status of life to achieve life education," the theme of the report. The report gave a detailed explanation of how to build a life class, a life class management, and a request to create a life class and class. It is reported that Huaiyin Experimental Primary School will be under the guidance of Professor Feng Jianjun's life-oriented education, comprehensively promote classroom teaching, class management, school management, school culture, teacher development transformation and development, the construction of life with the characteristics of the brand-name schools.