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Course report on Intermediate and Advanced Level Instruction Statistics and Measurement through the use of SPSS for all majors

In order to cooperate with the internationalization process of the education in our universtiy, promote the construction of disciplines and enhance the students’ learning and communication skills on English, Nanjing Normal University started the cooperative project with China International Education Center and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, which is named “short-term credits program set by foreign teachers”. The teachers of the program are all recommended by European and American colleges and universities and the State Bureau of Foreign Experts. All of them are highly educated, and have high academic title and level.Our school applied one postgraduate course named “Intermediate and Advanced Level Instruction Statistics and Measurement through the use of SPSS for all majors”. The course was started on September 26,2016, and ended on October 21,2016. Students would take intensive classes in 4 weeks and get 3 credits for the course.

The course is taught by Robert Sheehan, a professor of statistics at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina, USA. Also, he is the dean and associate director of the Academic and Student Affair Office. Prof. Robert Sheehan is mainly engaged in the study of statistics on physical science and social science, as well as in the statistical analysis in the field of pedagogy.

There are 120 taking this on the internet, but the actual attendance has exceeded the number.Prof. Sheehan explained the most commonly used statistical analysis methods by demonstrating the operation of SPSS, such as Chi-square statistic,T-test,Oneway ANOVA F test,(Discriminant function analysis) DFA statistics,Log linear analysis,etc. Also, Prof. Sheehan paid particular attention to take the social survey data in China and the statistics of pre-school education in China as an example, when he was teaching statistics methods. All the students listened very carefully and took an active part in the class. they were also willing to help the professor to solve some doubts,too. The classroom atmosphere was always dynamic.Prof. Sheehan said he was very happy to see the students be interested in this course, and he praised the smart, diligence and hospitality of our Chinese students, because they insisted to attend the class regardless of the weather conditions. On the other hand, students expressed that they learned a lot through this course, too.

The four-week English short-term statistics program ended on schedule, with the professor and students gaining a lot. As the quantitative research is becoming more and more popular today, is is particularly important to learn and master some knowledge and methods of statistics.This statistical course will absolutely provide some help to the teachers and the students of our school, when they are doing their research in the future. Hope this kind of Sine-foreign cooperative courses will be more and more, and the better.