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Academic Events

"Open Sesame" software project team exchanging in our school

On the afternoon of 26th October, at the invitation of Education Science School, “Open Sesame” software project team visited our school. The members of the visiting team included Prof. Phil Abram from Canada, Prof. Anne Wade, Prof. Zhiqiang Zhang from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Prof. Zhang’s student, Dr. Xin Guo. Prof. Jianjun Gu, Dean of Education Science School, made a discussion with teacher Xiaoqiao Cheng, Jinlei Xu and Li Zhao on this “Open Sesame” software project in Tiannan Building, conference room 702. Firstly, Dean Jianjun Gu expressed his warm welcome to the project team. Then, Prof. Anne Wade gave a detailed introduction and demonstration on the development process, concrete operation and innovation highlights of the software. The two sides had a heated discussion on the promotion and related research of the softwar ABRACADABRA(Open Sesame), and expressed the willingness to establish cooperation projects in the future.

On the morning of 27th October, “Open Sesame” software project team made a thematic report in the hall of International College for Chinese Studies, and introduced this English learning software, ABRACADABRA, to the teachers and students of Education Science School.

ABRACADABRA, translated to “Open Sesame” in Chinese, is an English learning software created specifically for young children. The project is led by Prof. Phil Abrami from Canada. The software was first popularized in Canada, and then was spread to other countries in North America, as well as Australia, Kenya and other palces. Then it was introducted to Hong Kong. After accumulating some experiences in Hong Kong, it sets up an experimental base in Hunan province.

After the report, Prof. Zhiqiang Zhang from the Chinese University of Hong Kong answered the questions raised by the audience in detail, and it made all people there have a deeper understanding of the software.