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Academic Events

Professor 森茂岳雄 from Chuo University visiting our School for academic exchange

From December 21st to 22nd, 2016, Prof. 森茂岳雄 and Dr. Shengjie Zou from Chuo University visited to our school for a two-day academic exchange. The event was organized by Prof. Rong Zhang, Director of the Department of Pedagogy. Not only the teachers and students in our school attended the event, but also some leaders and teachers from Langyalu Road Primary School who were engaged in a school-based practice about education for international understanding participated in the event.

In the morning of December 21st, Prof. 森茂岳雄 delivered a lecture entitled “Education for International Understanding in the Era of Globalization - Curriculum Development and Practice”. Firstly, Prof. 森茂 elaborated the new issue in the era of globalization, that is the progress of interdependence on the earth and the pursuit of “human benefits”, also the progress of multicultural society and “multicultural symbiosis”. And based on this, he put forward the opinion that a new international understanding education is a the combination of global education and multicultural education. Secondly, Prof. 森茂 talked about Japanese students’ understanding of the world and some projects about education for international understanding: change students tendency of “European and American aspirations” and “Asian contempt” and get rid of the faith of “leave Asia to Europe”; overcome the fixed view of 3F(food, fashion, festival) in study and criticize the “cross-cultural understanding with a existentialism nature”; re-examine the “concentric circle enlargement-ism” of curriculum constitute principles based on the insufficient content about “world” involved in the subject content. In addition, Prof 森茂 analyzed the development of the curriculum of education for international understanding according to the proposal of Japan Association for International Understanding Education. He advocated that multicultural society, global society, global issues, future-oriented choices and some other aspects should be involved in the field of international understanding education. After Prof. 森茂’s lecture, Chunji Yang, secretary of Langyalu Road Primary School, and the teachers and students in our school had a active and in-depth discussion with him.

In the afternoon, the teachers and students in our school and Prof. 森茂 visited Langyalu Primary School together, watching activities of “Hello, World” and a vivid school-based curriculum of international understanding education. After that, they had a seminar with the teachers in Langyalu Primary School and exchanged views on how to better conduct international understanding education.

In the morning of December 22nd, Dr. Shengjie Zou from Chuo University delivered a lecture on “Acceptance and Evolution of UNESCO’s Idea on Education for International Understanding in China”, and shared his research achievements with us. 

In the end, Prof. 森茂岳雄 gave a detailed description of Chuo Universtiy, and expressed his vision for the establishment of a friendly and cooperative relationship. Prof. Rong Zhang also expressed our earnest hope to establish an exchange and cooperation relationship. She thanked Prof. 森茂岳雄 and Dr. Shengjie Zou for their reports. This exchange event come to an end successfully.