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Academic Events

Scholars from University of British Columbia visiting our school

On November 7th, Prof. Anna Kindler and Dr. Fang Wang from School of Education, University of British Columbia (UBC) visited our school, and had an informal discussion with the teachers in our school, Zhong Ye, Huimin Shi, Ying Tao, Wei Hua, Haiyue Jin and Xuefeng Qiao, to exchange opinions. University of British Columbia has a high international reputaion, ranking 32nd in the world, with its education subject ranking 9th. Through the discussion, the two sides reached consensus on the following issues:

  1. Our school will be a key cooperation partner in China for School of Education, University of British Columbia.
  2. The two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in teacher training, and both sides would provide corriculum.
  3. The two sides will develop a “4+1” joint degree program together. The program is for the undergraduate students from Education Science School, Nanjing Normal Universtiy. Students who finished in the program will be granted the bachelor degree of Nanjing Normal University, UBC Master degree of Education and IB course training certificate. The first three years will be in accordance with the normal training program of Nanjing Normal University, and the fourth year is for transition. Students will study the course determined by the bith sides in Nanjing Normal University, and the credits of the course are recognized in the two schools. In the fifth year, students can go to UBC to study its master courses.
  4. The two sides will discuss the opening of shot-term summer courses. The course is for the undergraduates of Nanjing Normal University. It focuses on learning from practice and lasts for about 3 weeks. The credits of the course can be converted into credits recognized by our university.
  5. UBC welcomes teachers from our school to visit it.
  6. The two sides will have a further discussion about conducting depth scientific research cooperation.