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Academic Events

Students Majoring in Pedagogy in Nanjing Normal University and Students from Tohuku University of Japan Conducted an Online Discussion

On June 15th, at the invitation of the Tohoku University Education Institute, all the students of 1604 class majored in Pedagogy from Nanjing Normal University conducted a seminar with Tohoku university students by video link at Room 405, Xuezheng Building, Xianlin campus. The seminar was organized by professor Zhang Rong from the Department of Pedagogy, Nanjing Normal University and Mr. Taniguchi from the Tohoku University.

At 9.30am, students of 1604 class majored in Pedagogy from Nanjing Normal University came to the classroom early. The video seminar was themed as "What we Should Keep for a Happy Life in the Future" with optional contents as traditional ways of life, auto, foreign products, urban development, the universe development and games etc. First, Mr. Taniguchi explained the various options in the material and expressed his own opinions. Then, the students from both sides engaged in a heated group discussion to score out the unnecessary contents for future life. The students were eager to speak and expressed their own ideas.

This video seminar maintained a lively atmosphere with constant applause and laughter and left the students not only realization of the existence of cultural differences and the importance of mutual understanding but the thinking of future life, setting up a bridge for bilateral exchanges and friendship between the students. After the seminar, students exchanged views via emails. Besides, Mr. Taniguchi expressed his gratitude for students' participation and shared some photos of the seminar. Both sides expressed the hope for further corporation, deepen understanding and mutual progress in the future.